Discovering THC-O and How It Works

If you love Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC, you’ll love THC-O! This cannabinoid is Hemp derived and known to produce what some have called a “Spiritual High”. However, if this is your first time ever hearing about this type of THC; we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about THC-O and why you need to try it!

How Does THC-O Work?

The first thing you will need to know is what THC-O stands for. THC-O is abbreviated from Tetrahydrocannabinol-Acetate, and can also be referred to as ATHC. However, This is not the same as Tetrahydrocannabinol Acid (THCA), which is a whole different cannabinoid.

It’s vital to remember that THC-O is a pure isolate. Other cannabinoid components, such as flavonoids and terpenes, are absent from the final product. Also, this product is a viscous oil that can be three times as potent than THC. Furthermore, there is not a lot of information available for this cannabinoid’s effects and benefits just yet.

A Brief History of THC-O

THC-O originally appeared on the scene as the result of government experiments in the United States. The Army Chemical Corps conducted classified tests on a range of different substances in the 1950s to see if they could be used as weapons. Thousands of soldiers and animals were subjected to drug testing by the Chemical Corps, and THC-O was used in some of those tests.

They gave it to dogs in the hopes of incapacitating them. This was shown to be effective, with a potency that was double that of conventional THC. It rendered the dogs slow and significantly slowed down their motor skills.

In the year 1978, THC-O reappeared again, but this time it showed up at a person’s lab in Jacksonville, Florida. However, they were arrested and his lab was shut down shortly after they made the product. Because this was the drug’s only official record outside of government experiments, it didn’t raise any red flags with authorities, and it was never classified as a controlled substance or outlawed.

Getting High Off THC-O

THC-O produces a stronger high, and it’s been described as an introspective, almost a spiritual experience. Also, it’s been claimed to take you to a different level of being high with mild trips that can be compared to hallucinogens. However, when THC-O is ingested it is said to take a lot longer to kick when compared to other types of THC edibles.

THC is metabolized by the liver in the human body into a variant that has a sedative effect. THC-O still undergoes this transformation, but its psychoactive potency may compensate for some of the sedative adverse effects. Its potency is preferred by users, who like its strong effect. However, most supplement the THC-O with Delta 8 THC to create a more tolerable high.

THC-O Products

Now that you understand what THC-O is a little bit more and where it comes from; there are some THC-O products that have recently launched. The most common way to consume THC-O is through a distillate that you can vape, and this method is very popular for a good reason.


One of the best ways to enjoy THC-O is through distillates. These are thick liquid THC-O concentrated extracts that you’re able to vape. You usually need a special device, but some of the best THC-O comes in ready to vape disposable pens. Also, disposable pens usually come preset with the right temperature to vape. So, there is no need to adjust any settings or worry if you’re doing it right.

Most disposables are draw activated, which means that all you need to do is take a puff through the mouth piece and enjoy. Another great advantage of a Disposable pen is that they usually come prefilled and precharged. However, if you don’t manage to vape the entire THC-O in one sitting you can save it for later. If it becomes uncharged you will need a USB-Universal charger in order to recharge it.

Omega Collection by Delta Extrax

A company that offers different Hemp derived THC – including THC-O products is Delta Extrax. They recently launched 2 Disposable Pens that have a blend of THC-O and Delta 8 THC. The reason why this blend makes sense is because THC-O on its own is very potent. This means that the high THC-O alone could trigger anxiety and other negative side effects.

Therefore, it made sense to have a well balanced amount of THC-O along with Delta 8 THC. Also, it’s important to note that the side effects that THC produces are usually dizziness, anxiety, or other unwanted feelings. So, vaping pure THC-O can trigger similar side effects that Marijuana tends to produce in some users. However, the experience would be similar as if you smoked too much Marijuana. 

GSC THC-O Disposable

The name GSC is the abbreviation for Girl Scout Cookies which is a popular strain in the Cannabis world. However, this THC-O product is derived from Hemp, not Marijuana. Therefore, this version of GSC is compliant with current Marijuana laws. This strain of GSC is a Hybrid which means it tends to produce a well balanced high. The flavor is very similar to regular GSC, in that it has notes of sweet cherry and citrus mint. 

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Berry Gelato THC-O Disposable

Another popular strain in the Cannabis world is Berry Gelato. However, this version is also derived from Hemp and used to enhance the flavor of the Berry Gelato THC-O Disposable. This is an Indica dominant strain that has a flavor profile which includes sweet berries, citrus, along with other spices. You’ll get subtle flavors along with some familiar taste due to its dessert-like flavors. This more mellow Disposable is great for anyone looking to mellow out a bit.

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When you first try THC-O the effects can seem a little strong. But, if you’re used to smoking Marijuana it can provide a familiar feeling. When looking back at its history, and everything it went through to be discovered. You’ll start to wonder what would it have been like if cannabinoids like THC-O were released a long time ago? But, if it wasn’t for certain laws and regulation, would THC-O and Hemp derived THC even be a thing? 

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