Digital Star Artist Jose Arias Launches His Long Anticipated Collection

Peruvian artist Jose Arias is one of the most in demand digital creators world wide. After his international collaboration with Spotify only few months ago, he now launches his own NFT collection. A gem for collectors and investors.

Jose Arias is arguably one of the most popular and in demand digital artists world wide. His 3D creations are frequently seen in international advertising and brands such as Toyota, Spotify & Samsung have teamed up with him recently. His style couldn’t be more relevant in the current stream of pop-culture, that has arisen with the sector of NFTs. Ever since the fast paced expansion of the digital art industry started off, Arias has been one of the names to follow. It’s artists like Jose Arias, whose craft and work has established him as a highly respected figure in the art world, that will launch the collections that are worth investing in.

An the multi billion dollar industry of NFT has given artists like Jose Arias control. Control over sales, royalties, marketing, but most of all control to deliver his art to the people who truly appreciate it. Regardless of privilege or background. Almost everybody can buy an NFT. Fans, investors and collectors from all parts of the world have the the chance to become an owner of one of Arias’ pieces.

And the collection we are talking about is impressive, in it’s size as well as the quality of the unique 3D creations designed by the artist himself.

10.000 unique characters, ‘The Puffs’ are going to make their way to a new home in the Metaverse.

Owning a piece of highly anticipated collections such as Arias’ ‘Puff World’ is owning a piece of pop-culture. Something that will be considered historic in decades to come, even though not everyone is able to acknowledge its significance at this time. Yet. With global brands collaborating with top artists, the value becomes inevitable to see for more people every day.

So what can owners do with their ‘Puffs’ once they have gotten their hands on one of the hot handled pieces? Besides having the investment sit in their digital wallet, they can also be used as avatars in the metaverse. The community brought together with ‘Puff World” will have exclusive access to news and launches, such as merchandise and future projects.

With several collaborations in line, it is expected to see the digital artist expand his range of influence and work very soon. And increase the demand for his cute little ‘Puff’ characters even more.

LA Weekly