Digital Nod CEO Karishhma Mago on Why Online Businesses Must Invest in Digital PR

Public Relations (PR) has long been a powerful tool for brands. In today’s digital age, its impact is more significant than ever. If used effectively, it can revolutionize your business and take your brand to another level. With more and more businesses moving the bulk of their operations online, Digital Nod CEO Karishhma Mago emphasizes that the need to invest in digital PR has never been more urgent.

“Before we moved into the digital era, old school PR was often seen as a luxury for many businesses. There was a belief that it could help enhance a brand’s image but a few thought of how it could boost profit margins,” explained Mago. She further added, “For online businesses, it’s a no-brainer. If you haven’t invested in digital PR yet, it’s equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot. Your digital reputation is your greatest asset, and no online brand can survive without doing everything in their power to enhance theirs.”

With over a decade of experience in solving digital problems that few others can, Mago has seen firsthand the growing importance of digital PR in today’s world. She firmly believes that online PR is not something you want to leave to chance; it should be treated like a military operation. “Modern-day online businesses need to look beyond traditional PR and marketing and focus on interacting with their target audience virtually,” she recommends. Mago further added, “It is through digital PR that you can build your brand identity using carefully crafted content, social media, and media placements in top-ranking international publications. A well-positioned brand has to be created and communicated if you want to stand out from a sea of competitors in the online avenues where the audience gets information and looks for solutions.”

As someone who has spearheaded digital PR projects for countless brands and individuals, Mago believes that the internet has provided online businesses with a shop window that projects out across the globe. “You need to take advantage of that because, believe me, your competitors will,” she quips. “Make the most of the benefits that digital PR offers to an online business – from gaining authority to increased traffic to your website and better credibility to higher search rankings; the possibilities are endless. The more digital PR tactics you use, you’re more likely to strengthen your brand’s reputation and grow your business,” she added.

Online visibility and reputation are the lifeblood of any business.  Lacking these crucial elements is highly detrimental to your online business, according to Mago. “If digital PR is not a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing out on great opportunities for your online brand,” she concluded.

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