Digital Entrepreneur, Yossy London Is Going Great Guns In Web 3 Space

We all know Yossy London as one of the biggest business personalities in London. The 38 year old Dutch / Israeli businessman has been running the business of event management in London West End Clubs for over 10 years. Yossy is the guy who has successfully hosted celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rick Ross, Chris Rock and many others in the past.

Apart from being a top event manager in London, Yossy is also one of the founders of a leading content provider to the iGaming and Betting Industry. But that’s not it as he is one of the biggest crypto enthusiasts as well.

We are living in a world which is about to see a huge leap as far as technology is concerned and Yossy understands it. Without saying much about the web 3 space he mentions that it’ll change the world as we know it.

Even though Yossy is just 6 months old in the web 3 space, he is going great guns in it. As one of top tech businessmen, he is leading the way in bridging iGaming web2 with web3. Yossy believes Web 3 has the potential to revolutionize the iGaming Technology and Industry.

Yossy also has a love for NFTs. He acquired his first Bored Ape (BAYC #247) within 3 months in the Web3 space, his 2nd (BAYC #3533) shortly after and currently searching for his 3rd, while holding dozens of other Yuga Labs assets such as various MAYC, BAKC, KODAs, Otherdeeds and $APE, as well as Meebits as part of Yuga Labs acquiring Larva Labs, which was a significant first big M&A move in the NFT industry.

Earlier in March this year, Yossy shared his excitement about acquiring Bored Ape and tweeted, “AND THERE IT IS !!! The historic moment of me aping into @BoredApeYC .. get goosebumps every time i watch it.. WOW !! ☺️ You can actually hear the thrill in my voice at the end.. zen moment for life🕊️👊💖 #bayc #apefollowape #foreverape #lfg”

His first NFT investment was the Inbetweeners project, which is backed by Justin Bieber. He currently holds seven 1/1s and a total of over 50 Inbetweeners NFTs. In fact, they recently made a big announcement about partnership with Dolce & Gabbana.

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