Digital Creator Austin Dotson has an Inspirational Story

The internet has long been a place of mischief, tomfoolery, and rumors. It has been frequently used for evil, but recently, certain individuals have shone through the darkness to show that the internet can be used for good. One such man, Austin Dotson, has taken to social media to advocate for holistic wellbeing. Dotson exemplifies what he wishes his followers to become– mentally accepting of themselves, physically fit, and wholly healthy. With over half a million followers on Instagram alone, this professional model, workout instructor, and traveler is showing the world the positive power of good health, all while making it fun.

Austin Dotson has always been an incredibly hard worker. From a young age, his dream was to make it to the NFL and play amongst his idols. He pursued this dream tirelessly from his youth up through high school, where he received a scholarship from Sacramento State University. Playing at the collegiate level was amazing, and life felt as if it was in his back pocket. However, when the NFL draft rolled around, Austin Dotson was not selected. This moment destroyed his life plan, and he was cast from the bliss of football.

Now a college graduate with no direction in life, Dotson found himself horribly depressed. While he was struggling to maintain himself enough to get out of bed every morning, the bills did not stop coming– with a daughter to support, he had to provide. This caused him to take up a draining job at a mortgage firm, which only sent him deeper into his sadness. The monotonous life of a cubicle worker ground him to dust, as he was forced to experience his failures as a professional athlete each time he sat down for his 8-hour shifts rather than sprinting down the field into the endzone. Life became too much to bear, and Dotson began drowning his emotions in alcohol; his life felt like a burden to himself and to others. When his day-to-day demeanor started showing his pains, he was fired from the mortgage firm. Now unemployed with a daughter, depression, court fees, and a horrible outlook on life, Austin Dotson felt like he had hit rock bottom. A DUI charge on Christmas day was the breaking point for Dotson. How his life had come to this he did not know. What he did know, though, was that he needed to make a strong change, and fast. If he kept on this path, he would lose what little he had left.

Austin Dotson recalls the day vividly– January 3rd, 2017. This was the day that Dotson spent reflecting on his character, choices, and wishes for life. He realized he was making mistakes each and every day, and if he didn’t choose to actively resolve these he would simply drown in his sorrows. So, with what little savings he had, he purchased a membership to a gym. This was his first move towards a better version of himself. No matter what happened, no matter how hard the day or how restless the night, Dotson was in that gym each and every day. The drive that he had lost was beginning to resurface as he regained both confidence in his abilities and the discipline of an athlete. This began to show in his character, as he soon rocked an interview to become a therapist. In this position, Dotson was able to help others who were in a depressed state that he knew all too well. He expressed the importance of a daily routine, working out, and eating healthy foods to his clients. After watching their improvements, he realized that with his experiences and knowledge he could actually change people’s lives. So, after creating an official Instagram page for himself, he began to post content showing how to do so. Now, 550,000 followers later, Dotson is showing the world how the little things, done with consistency, can make the world of a difference.

Austin Dotson posts a variety of content. His most popular uploads would be his physics-defying athletic feats, such as backflips, various calisthenic exercises, and moving 400 pounds as if they were a bag of feathers. Alongside these are workout instructions, with levels ranging from beginner to pro-level. Abs, cardio, chest, back– all the major workouts are shown with in-depth instructions so anyone, at any level, can begin to pursue their healthiest selves. Aside from this kind of content, Dotson advocates for mental health awareness. He shows productive novels he has been into, outlets for psychological help, and maintains a positive environment on his platforms. Austin Dotson is showing society how improving yourself is the first step to improving the world around us, and all it takes is a little dedication.

To see more of Austin Dotson (and to experience his radiating positivity), check him out on his official Instagram.

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