Difference Between CBD For Dogs And Humans

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There are so many veterinary CBD products available in the market. Among these products CBD for dogs and cats are more popular among pet parents. Presently, there are many pet owners providing CBD to their pets for the treatment of some common problems like loss of appetite, sleeplessness, etc. However, most of us have wondered whether there is any difference between the veterinary CBD products and normal CBD products. Actually, there is, and some of those differences between CBD for dogs and CBD for human consumption are as follows.

Taste And Flavor

It is one of the biggest differences between CBD products for dogs and humans. The veterinary CBD products will be flavored to please the taste buds of animals. For example, the CBD products for dogs will be flavored like meat or other flavors that are normally found in dog foods. They will never be having its natural taste or the flavor of fruits. Sometimes it also comes in the flavorless form to allow the dog owners to mix them with other foods given to their pets.

However, most of the CBD edibles that are available for human consumption will be having its natural earthy or nutty flavor. Some of the CBD edibles like gummies and chocolates also come with the taste of fruits and chocolate. In addition to that, there are also flavorless or tasteless CBD products available for human consumption. In short, all the CBD normal CBD products will be having the taste which is suitable for vegan users.

Type Of Product

There are so many different types of CBD products available in the market. It ranges from pills and oils to vaping products like dabs and vape pens. Each of these products has their own unique features and qualities. CBD vape products are more preferred by the people because it gives a faster effect to the users compared to other CBD products. CBD edibles like gummies and pills are also common among the people because it is more convenient to administer its dosage.

On the other hand, there are only a few varieties of veterinary products available in the market such as edibles and oils. This is because most of the animals like dogs and cats are allergic to smoke and vapor. Therefore the only mode of providing them CBD is through food. CBD edibles are very popular because they have almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for dogs, hence it can be used as an alternative to pet food. Oils are also used by many pet owners to mix CBD in the regular diet of their pets.

Proportion Of CBD

There are so many CBD products with different proportions and different concentrations of the element. Most of the veterinary CBD products will be having pure form of CBD or CBD isolate with 99 percent of CBD because other cannabinoids are harmful to animals. Moreover, the veterinary CBD products, whether it is edible or oil, will be having only a small proportion of CBD because the dogs and cats do not have the capacity to intake a high concentration of cannabidiol.

It is different in the case of CBD for human consumption because these products are available in different concentrations and also in different dosages. It is evident from research that humans can intake upto 1500mg of CBD per day. The normal CBD product also comes with full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD, to increase the potential benefits of consumption. Pure CBD products like highly concentrated CBD oil and tincture are also available in the market.

Benefits And Usage

Most of the veterinary CBD products are provided to animals for the treatment of conditions like loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Since CBD is effective in controlling the Endocannabinoid System, it helps in managing digestion and also in removing the problem of sleeplessness. In addition to that, many pet owners are providing CBD to their pets for reducing inflammation and also for faster recovery from fractures. In some cases it is effective because of the basic properties of CBD but it is not yet clinically proven.

The benefits provided by CBD to humans are unlimited. Due to the ability of CBD to interact with the ECS of humans, it can be used to treat nervous damage, pain, inflammation etc. The studies have also made it clear that CBD is effective for the treatment of anxiety and depression in human beings. Moreover, it can be used for controlling blood pressure and for reducing hypertension.

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