DieTim: The Youtuber You Should Watch Right Now

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With over 2.5 billion daily users, YouTube is the biggest social media platform. It’s an influential and informative platform with channels covering diverse subjects. YouTube is widely accessible, and its effective algorithm makes it the go-to platform for marketers. Recent studies indicate that most American businesses and corporates will likely opt for YouTube to market and raise brand awareness. YouTube also created a career pathway for YouTubers, notably referred to as influencers, who play a significant role in promoting products, services, or even championing an idea.

Tim Sven van Teunenbroek, also known as DietTim, is one of the notable YouTube influencers dominating the space. DieTim is a prosperous artist and content creator and one of the top names to watch out for. He is also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Killitrtion, a top nutrition brand and fitness brand where he helps others adopt a healthy lifestyle.

With over 400K subscribers, DieTim is widely recognized for his captivating and informative content also featuring targeted documentaries that have seen him work with notable brands such as Gogo Reizen. The creative creator captured the internet with his authentic prank videos trending at number one.

A passionate influencer, DieTim takes pride in being a YouTube prankster pioneer in the Netherlands. At the time, there were few pranksters in the country, but he quickly spotted the gap to establish one of the biggest channels in the country. “I started making funny videos on Snapchat and then went to YouTube where I made a name for myself with prank videos,” he says. Today, DieTim shares close to eight years of experience as an influencer, paving the path for other young creators in the Netherlands.

However, DieTim also faced numerous challenges. His biggest challenge was handling instant fame after his first videos went viral. Fortunately, he was quick to learn and correct his mistakes. This included a complete branding of his channel from Snapking to DieTim. “This was quite a big step because I was known as “snapking” for 5/6 years so I was afraid that no one will recognize or know me anymore if I changed my artist name to DieTim, but luckily that turned out to be different because it only worked out better and more positively,” he explains.

DieTim advises not to allow yourself to be carried by the fame wave. Instead, think carefully through any idea before implementing it. Also, surround yourself with the right people because if you’re with “friends” or certain people who give you negative energy or don’t support you in the work you do, you need to get out of that circle as soon as possible. Surround yourself with people who support you in what you do. If you are young and well-known, take a manager who can guide you in the choices that have to be made, do not always decide everything yourself, also listen to others around you who want to see you succeed.

An ambitious influencer, DieTim’s dream is to expand his fitness center and eventually have thousands of people as members. He is also looking forward to creating inspiring content to motivate and encourage people in an exciting but informative way. He also envisions Killitrtion becoming an international brand with stores beyond the Netherlands’ borders.

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