DH Financing is Lending a Financial Hand to Empower Entrepreneurs

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Ask, and you shall receive. While it may not actually be as simple and straightforward as that, with Diana Hallal and her company DH Financing, it almost is. As a loan brokerage firm, DH Financing paves the way for expedient, efficient, and lucrative financing, empowering both borrowers and lenders along the way.

If there’s anyone who exemplifies the phrase “working your way up,” it’s Diana Hallal. Hallal’s banking career began with her sitting behind a counter as a bank teller. Over the span of a twenty-year career, her successful climb up the corporate ladder saw her reach the role of Director of the Small Business Administration (SBA) division. Hallal worked for some of the largest and most recognized financial institutions, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Union Bank, where she managed and led the commercial real estate departments.

Despite being in a prominent leadership position, Hallal was very well-aware of the fact that she was restricted by the particular policies and procedures of the banks she worked for. Respecting and abiding by their specific directives meant that she could not authorize and move forward with all the deals that she would have wanted to. Consequently, she could not provide support to all the businesses and entrepreneurs that she believed in.

Hallal shares, “I’ve always wanted to help every client that comes my way, and I couldn’t accomplish that working for one specific bank.” In order to support and serve every client as she’d like to, Hallal knew that the only way forward was to step away from the banking world and go out on her own.

Taking a brave leap of faith, Hallal left a lucrative and comfortable banking career, along with the security of a corporate package and the prestige of the title that came with it. After earning her broker license in 2017, Hallal started DH Financing on her own and out of nowhere.

Fulfilling her long-time ambition of being an entrepreneur would now also see Hallal supporting other entrepreneurs and businesses in fulfilling their own ambitions. However, the challenges of being a first-time founder were compounded by an even more important role in Hallal’s life – that of being a mother of two. Pursuing a new career path with eyes wide open, Hallal was cognizant of the courage and dedication that it would demand from her. If there’s one thing the assiduous working mother knows firsthand, it’s that “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

Not only is Hallal a highly experienced finance veteran but more importantly, she is a highly trusted and respected one. Her professional experience and well-earned reputation are what helped her launch DH Financing and grow the businesses through personal referrals.

Since establishing DH Financing in Beverly Hills, California, the loan brokerage firm has become trusted for offering clients the best lending solutions available to them. To date, the firm has secured over five thousand loans valued at over one billion US dollars. Taking pride in providing clients with superior, white-glove service, clients of DH Financing can expect custom solutions based on their specific loan requirements.

Throughout the firm’s growth, Hallal continues to handle everything from A to Z, ensuring that every client receives the specialized financial advice that suits their precise needs every single time. As Hallal emphasizes, “I’m driven by helping my clients first, and money follows me. I’m not driven by money just for my own sake.” Therefore, investors, developers, and agents in the commercial real estate business can undoubtedly rely on DH Financing for superior financial assistance.

DH Financing is rooted in Hallal’s long-established passion for finance and banking while inspired by her genuine desire to help small businesses, appreciating the important role they play in the economy. Furthermore, Hallal is especially committed to empowering women in order for them to be successful in the exceptionally male-dominated commercial real estate industry. As she explains, “Commercial real estate is male-dominated. To succeed in this business as a woman takes a lot of guts, a lot of courage, a lot of focus, and dedication.” Being the only woman in a room full of men, having to establish oneself and prove that you can close deals is certainly no easy feat. Hallal has conquered the industry and is determined to help other women do so as well.

They say that money makes you more of who you already are. It’s evident that when it comes to Diana Hallal, her success as a financial specialist has made her a tenacious entrepreneur with an even stronger sense of integrity and values. Now, she’s lending her skills and experience to help other entrepreneurs and businesses access the financial support they need to also succeed.

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