Devin Anderson: Redefining the Meaning of Passion

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“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Devin Anderson and his team at SourceNRG live and breathe true service. As the CEO of the robust renewable energy company SourceNRG, he knows that service is not about the reward. His conviction for renewable energy stems from his passion for helping others, whether it’s a sales representative realizing their true potential, a prospective customer who wants to reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint, or a longtime solar customer who needs support with their installation, Devin always puts others needs before his own. He instills this value in every aspect of his business and in every member of his team.

SourceNRG is a solar energy company headquartered in Denver, Colorado with locations nationwide. Devin’s goal of growing SourceNRG to a quarter billion dollar in sales in the next 36 months can only be measured in the quality of service and the work ethic of the team he mentors. Sit in on one of his sales meetings, and you will realize that his passion for helping others is contagious. Devin and his team are ardently devoted to revolutionizing the way the world produces and consumes energy.

Devin’s relationship with his work is fueled by the drive to grow and improve. “Our sales staff could care less about their money. They are passionate about the product we provide and their potential impact on the way homeowners live and our environment. I find that inspirational, and I cite that as one of the reasons I got into this industry.”

“Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, that are willing to argue with you, that are willing to challenge you. Create systems and processes, and manage those instead of people. If you delegate tasks, delegate authority as well. Only surround yourself with people who are willing to slam their head through the wall because of how excited they are.”. Passion is a must to be a part of the SourceNRG team, without passion, there is no conviction, and the results SourceNRG produces speaks to the confidence Devin and his team possesses.

Devin’s conviction for the products and services SourceNRG provides has attracted a team of like-minded people, and his passion is reflected in every individual at SourceNRG. Sales representatives that work with him see a transformation in how they conduct themselves, in and outside the field. He rejoices in other’s success, and encourages people to grow professionally and personally.

His uncompromising passion for changing traditional sales methods is a cornerstone for SourceNRG’s business operations, and the results speak for themselves; in 20 months SourceNRG has grown from humble beginnings to over 50 million dollars in revenue. While it’s easy to measure business success in dollar amounts, Devin is more concerned with the lives he has affected from homeowners to the people he employs. After interacting with him, people no longer “play small”, they start to believe in a better life, a better environment, and a better world.

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