Devin Anderson: Changing the Way the World Uses Energy

USED June 14 Devin Anderson 2

True passion is hard to come by, especially for those so heavily involved in their own business. It is a common misconception that business owners tend to only care about the money their business makes, and not the impact or quality of their products and services. Devin Anderson is an exception that proves the rule.

Devin Anderson is the CEO of SourceNRG, a solar energy company headquartered in Denver Colorado with locations nationwide. Possessing extensive experience in the solar power industry through several different organizations that he has been a part of, Devin has been able to find success with his own venture, with the initial goal of building an organization modeled after his own values.

Over time, Devin developed a relationship with his work that is fueled by the drive to grow and improve. “ Our sales staff are so passionate about the product that we provide and the potential impact it can have on the way homeowners live and our environment, that they use that as motivational fuel instead of money. I find that inspirational, and I cite that as one of the reasons I got into this industry.”

With a goal to truly impact the world and flip the status quo when it comes to renewable energy, Devin is revolutionizing the industry. With his unwavering commitment to the quality of the products and services that his company provides, he is changing the perception of renewable energy. By educating homeowners that they can save money and the environment by switching to solar, along with providing an exceptional customer experience through a transparent sales process and a timely and efficient installation, Devin is proving solar is not just a gimmick anymore.

Devin has cultivated a team that sees past the gold rush of solar sales. Instead their mission is to infuse every action with purpose and intention, from every door they knock, every person they speak to, to every panel they install. Devin’s goal of “Creating a society of decentralized power” is more than just pretty words, it is a clear message to the traditional way of conducting business and energy generation. By disrupting the current situation, Devin and his team put power (quite literally) back in people’s hands.

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