If a drug test is even a small possibility in your future, you’ll want to think about your best options for detoxing. It’s impossible to say precisely how long it will take to detox naturally because of the many factors that can affect the timeline. When in doubt, use a detox kit.

Detox kits or detox programs are a surefire way to detox in just a week or two, so you can go into your drug test with confidence. But, it’s hard to know which of the many detox products out there are worth it. We will take you through finding the best detox kit for you.

What to Look for in the Best Detox Kit

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Some things set the best detox kits apart from the others. 

Permanent Results

One of the most important standards to set for a detox kit is permanent results. While some detox kits will only offer a temporary cleanse to get you through your drug test, the best detox kits will give you a permanent detox lasting until you consume again. 

Customer Support 

The best detox kit companies offer diligent customer support. 

While you go through the complicated process of detoxing, you want a company that will be there for you through it all. 

Customer service should be easily accessible as soon as you buy their product. Still, it’s best if they’re available to help before you make your purchase for any questions you may want answered before committing to the detox process.

Product Guarantee 

When companies believe in their products, they’re able to offer customers a 100% money-back guarantee. You should have the confidence that if the worst-case scenario occurs and your kit doesn’t work, you will at least get your money back. 

However, when a company offers a money-back guarantee, you shouldn’t worry too much about needing to utilize that guarantee; they wouldn’t provide it if they weren’t sure their products would work!


Ensure you’re getting the highest quality detox kit by checking the ingredient list. You should only see natural ingredients with no processed chemicals or added sugars. The best ingredients you can find in your detox kit are plants like marshmallow root, milk thistle, and alfalfa. 

It further helps to know that your products were made in the United States because the manufacturers had to adhere to the strict production guidelines that United States laws dictate.

To verify the quality of your products, you should make sure your detox kit has a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) lab certification. GMP certification verifies that pharmaceutical products were manufactured as well as possible and in full accordance with their claims to consumers. 

Same Day Shipping

When you are on a tight timeline, same day shipping is a must. If you have to waste days in shipping you are risking passing your test. Always pick a product that can get to you the next day.

What Are Detox Kits?

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Detox kits are carefully assembled supplements paired with carefully thought-out instructions on detoxing at an accelerated rate. 

When to Use Detox Kits 

Detox kits are the ideal option when you have a drug test coming up in a week or two, which is not enough time to detox naturally but still enough time to achieve a permanent cleanse. 

You can also use detox kits when you want to shorten your detox process, even without a deadline. 

How Fast do Detox Kits Work 

Detox kits offer 5 Day cleanses and 10 Day cleanses so that you can choose the best option for your timeline. 

How Long do Detox Kits Last

Good detox kits give you a permanent cleanse because they have plenty of time to do so. They will last until you consume drugs again.

How to Use Detox Kits 

In general, you will use your detox kit by taking the supplements provided. Always follow the instructions provided very carefully to ensure your success.

Instructions get more specific for each detox kit. You will take your supplements at certain times with a measured amount of water and within a particular amount of time before or after meals. 

Weed Detox Tips

You can do some things to get the best results from your detox program. 

Stop Consuming 

Even before you start using your detox kit, the most important thing to do is to stop consuming toxins. This should be done as soon as you find out about an upcoming drug test.

Note that we say “toxins” and not just THC because you should stop consuming all toxins, even those that are perfectly legal like alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and chemicals in processed foods. 

Unfortunately, the detox kits can’t work while you continue to put toxins in your body. To pass, you’ll need to stop consuming toxins until your drug test is over.


It is essential to stay hydrated while you go through your detox because it allows your body to flush out more toxins through sweat and urine. 

Further, detoxing can be dehydrating, causing an array of nasty detox symptoms. To avoid that, drink a great deal of water every day. If you get bored of water, you can drink tea and sugar-free cranberry juice as well.

Diet Do’s and Don’ts 

Your diet is crucial while you detox. As mentioned, you should avoid foods containing toxins like chemicals and sugar. Also, avoid foods that can be irritating or heavy in your stomach, such as gluten, dairy, and fatty meats. 

The best foods to eat while detoxing are water-rich vegetables to keep you hydrated and fruits with low sugar content. Whole grains like quinoa are great to keep you full, and if you don’t want to cut out meat entirely, you can eat lean meats and small-sized fish (large fish often contain toxins).

Avoid Home Remedies 

Home remedies can be dangerous to your detox because they give you a false sense of security when they don’t do much. For example, cranberry juice is one of the most commonly discussed home remedies, and though it may aid your ability to flush toxins, it does nothing to help you break down toxins. Thus it is not effective on its own.

Other home remedies like bleach, and The Macujo Method for hair tests, are dangerous because they require working with harsh chemicals. 

One of the worst things people may do at home in a desperate attempt to pass their drug test is use fake urine or another person’s urine. Faking your urine is easy to catch, and you will be in a lot of trouble if you get caught doing this.


Sweating is a great way to flush out toxins through your skin. You can increase sweat production and boost your metabolism for a faster detox by exercising frequently. 

Another productive way to increase sweating is by sitting in a sauna or a steam room. This helps your detox beyond just sweating because the sauna tells your body you have a fever and your body, thinking you’re sick, boosts immune power and works extra hard to flush out toxins. 

Though sweating is helpful to a cleanse, it will not get you ready for a drug test on its own. Detox programs are the only method you can depend on to safely and completely cleanse.

Final Takeaway

Detox kits and programs aren’t as simple as buying the first one that comes up on an internet search.

Without knowing what to look for, you could end up with a worthless kit, and without following the necessary instructions, your detox kit may not work the way you need it to work.

Use industry leaders,
PassYourTest.com and feel confident in your detox program.

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