Despite a Career In Tech, Top Indie Author, Mike Trigg, Is Making a Splash With His Contemporary Thrillers

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For Mike Trigg, writing was always a dream, but it took some time before he could fully embrace it. He spent the majority of his career as a tech founder and executive, navigating the complex world of Silicon Valley. Yet, the spark of storytelling never left him. It wasn’t until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that he decided to turn his dream into a reality.

Trigg’s debut novel, “Bit Flip,” released in August, reflects his experiences in the tech industry. While it isn’t autobiographical, it serves as a corporate thriller set against the backdrop of Silicon Valley. “Bit Flip” is more than just a thriller; it’s a moral play and a cultural critique that allows readers to delve into the complexities of the tech world.

His second book, “Burner,” set to be released in April, explores the realm of psychological and political thrillers. This work delves into the secret romance between an online populist and a wealthy tech heiress, unraveling the complexities of power, relationships, and intrigue.

Challenges and Uniqueness in Trigg’s Approach

Transitioning from a career in technology to a fiction author comes with its set of challenges. For Trigg, the shift from writing pragmatic content like press releases and opinion pieces to crafting full-fledged novels was a significant leap. Nevertheless, his extensive experience in marketing and blogging helped pave the way.

An element that distinguishes Trigg’s writing is his preference for flawed protagonists. Rather than painting heroic characters, he explores the intricate and often flawed nature of his protagonists. This approach adds depth and complexity to his storytelling, making it more relatable for readers. “I just want to be thought-provoking,” Mike says. “I like flawed protagonists.”

Success in His Career and Life

For Trigg, success as an author comes from the intersection of tech, innovation, and politics. His career in technology inspired his debut novel, and his future works aim to influence the conversation around the startup world. The recognition and awards he’s received, including Indie Author Approved and positive reviews from reputable sources, reinforce his sense of accomplishment.

His interactions with readers during book events have been incredibly fulfilling, and he is excited about the potential of his work being adapted for film or television. This is not just for personal gain but to ensure that the message and impact of his writing reach a wider audience.

What’s on the Horizon?

Mike Trigg is not just an author but also an angel investor and advisor to several companies. He is actively involved in writing, thought leadership, and speaking engagements. His future books will continue to explore the impact of technology on our lives, a subject he is passionate about.

To learn more about Mike Trigg and his work, visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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