Derik Fay: A Dedicated Entrepreneur & Mentor

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Starting a business from scratch without any guidance or generational wealth might seem daunting at first, but Derik Fay has managed to make it happen. He is an entrepreneur who built several businesses that have generated Billions in revenue. Derik is a self-taught businessman who has gotten where he is today by being fuelled by dedication and passion.

Derik comes from a poor and abusive household on his maternal side. His childhood has had a major impact on his personality. He has fought to turn his weaknesses into strengths.

Derik has been actively making an effort to empower those around him and build stepping stones for them as well. Creating and growing brands over time have drastically helped his company’s growth. Derik has remained consistent for twenty years and chooses to work hard every day, despite having built great wealth as an entrepreneur.

Starting companies that eventually became publicly traded and registered on NASDAQ is another of Derik’s achievements. He has created various companies that all generated 8 figures plus in annual revenue and were later sold. Large companies have also consulted Derik to negotiate or assist in tedious mergers and hostile takeovers of board deadlocks.

Derik looks forward to expanding his platform and attaching a stronger vision and mission behind his brands. He is motivated by more than just making money and is always looking for promising entrepreneurs to collaborate with him. Along with growing as an entrepreneur, he also looks forward to giving others the chance to participate in achieving these milestones with him.

When starting a business at the age of 22, Derik could not have imagined that in a couple of years, he would be heavily involved in making big businesses successful and building financially healthy companies. Derik has also been part of a fitness company that was later sold for an astounding amount back in 2019. Investing and expanding is the strategy that has led to Derik’s success over the years.

Derik advises others to remain positive in life and never miss an opportunity to learn something from those who have achieved success.

Not many are willing to share vital key pointers with emerging business people, but Derik has confidence in his skill set and wishes for others to also gain success. He has a lot to share with others, including partnering with successful entrepreneurs, overcoming self-doubt, building a new company, and leading a business effectively.

Business leaders like Derik are why industry trends change often, and other entrepreneurs are constantly challenged. Derik is fuelled by the idea of bridging the success gap for young entrepreneurs and companies. He firmly believes that if he could do it, that anyone can, and those of us who have done, have an obligation to help those who want to do. 

Derik Fay can be reached:

Instagram: @derikfay



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