Democratizing Well-Being: The Story Behind Stijn Bogaerts’s MoNoA and Its Innovative Approach to Stress Management

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Stress is a constant presence in today’s world, impacting people in numerous aspects of their lives, including personal wellness and job performance. Recognizing the profound impact of stress on physical and mental health, Stijn Bogaerts embarked on a journey to revolutionize stress management with MoNoA. By combining wearable technology with a sophisticated (supporting) platform, MoNoA allows users to monitor their stress levels throughout the day and analyze how these levels impact their physical and mental health.

Bogaerts’s journey began with a background in electromechanical engineering, which laid the foundation for his career path. He quickly transitioned into a sales engineering role at Omron Electronics immediately after completing his studies. His talent and potential were recognized early on, leading to headhunters approaching him for a position at Schneider Electric, a well-known multinational corporation.

At Schneider Electric, Bogaerts was tasked with creating a business unit focused on sensor technology and developing strategies for its implementation. He was then given the opportunity to attend the Kenan Flagler Business School in California, where he worked on innovative projects, including one aimed at finding solutions for complex, multimillion-dollar projects in multi division and international regions. Evolving into the IT data center environment and global field services.

Despite his achievements, Bogaerts felt a desire to further challenge himself and prove his capabilities beyond his regional role at Schneider Electric. He pursued an executive MBA, becoming one of the youngest individuals to do so at the Antwerp Management School. During his MBA studies, he engaged in global projects and initiatives, demonstrating his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Through his diverse experiences and innovative contributions, Bogaerts laid the groundwork for creating MoNoA, leveraging his expertise in technology, business development, and strategy to drive the company’s vision of democratizing well-being and unlocking human potential.

Bogaerts realized the market need for stress management beyond existing products after observing the watch industry’s limitations of stress measurement methods, particularly those focusing solely on heart rate variability or PPG sensors. Recognizing that these approaches didn’t provide a comprehensive understanding of the body’s stress/health response, he identified a gap in the market for a more accurate and holistic measurement solution.

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“Rather than introducing another smartwatch to the market, we focused on creating an accessory that seamlessly integrates with any watch or bracelet, providing accurate insights into the body’s functioning. Leveraging my technical expertise, I identified key areas to develop a cost-effective device, bridging the gap between medical-grade products and accessibility,” explains Bogaerts

The wide range of applications for MoNoA, spanning personal and corporate well-being, performance management, and sports, highlights its versatility and potential impact across various domains. Whether it’s optimizing products, training regimens, experimenting with different therapeutic approaches, or preventing burnout in the workplace, MoNoA offers solutions tailored to individual and organizational needs.

MoNoA aims to empower individuals to understand how their bodies react to stress and to take proactive measures to manage and mitigate its effects. By providing a comprehensive stress measurement solution that goes beyond traditional methods, MoNoA seeks to enable users to make informed decisions about their health and well-being and take proactive steps toward achieving a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. To learn more about MoNoA, visit

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