It is hardly new information anymore that delta-8 THC is a close relative of delta-9. It is less potent and much milder than delta-9, but it has been able to skip a couple of legal loopholes to become one of the most talked-about sources of high in the market. 

Now, delta-8 gummies, tinctures, vapes, and all of its other products are excellent. However, let us face it — nothing compares to a good ol’ drag from a perfectly pre-rolled blunt. It is even better when you are taking that drag from the best delta-8 THC hemp cigarettes around, and, luckily for you, that is all we will be talking about in this guide.

Top 3 Delta-8 THC Cigarettes on the Market [Full Reviews]

  1. Exhale Wellness: Best Variety
  2. Plain Jane: Most Potent
  3. Bearly Legal: Best Value for Money

#1. Exhale Wellness: Best Variety

Exhale Wellness has proven to be a reputable and excellent brand in the delta-8 industry in more ways than one. It formulates policies and operates so customers almost always benefit from interactions with the brand. Exhale Wellness also focuses on creating only the best products around. 

One of the most notable of the brand’s features is its focus on its buyers. In this regard, Exhale Wellness’ customer service team is the perfect case study. This team, according to the reports of multiple satisfied customers, is incredibly adept at its job. They are able to assist customers with whatever challenges they might be facing in the cultivation process. Moreover, they do all of this politely and in the most professional way possible, leaving people satisfied after speaking to them.

Alongside the customer support team, the brand has several policies and operational methods that help make life easier for the average customer. One of them is free shipping on all orders, and another is the 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. So, essentially, you hardly need to pay or worry about the extra fees in the purchase process. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can simply send it right back for a refund.


Exhale Wellness presently has one product in its cigarette catalog — the Jack Herer cigarette. This excellently-packaged blunt, as the name implies, is made with the Jack Herer strain. Granted, the presence of just this product limits variety to the bare minimum. However, it is worthy to note the Jack Herer strain has won different awards, and this would not have happened if the strain had not had a wide reception stemming from its inherent lovability and effectiveness.

With that being said, each pack of Exhale Wellness cigarettes has eight sticks of cigars infused with 80mg of delta-8 THC. That equals a total of 640mg of delta-8 THC per pack, which is enough to get any expert excited. 

But, beyond the sheer size of its dosage, it is important to mention the product is safe for consumption, too. The brand ensures this by keeping all forms of GMO out of the cigars. In addition to that, the hemp for cigar production is sourced from local farms in the United States, and all of the ingredients used for manufacturing are 100% natural. 

If you are a vegan, you will be happy to know the cigarettes are cruelty-free, too. Finally, this product is federally compliant and certified by a third-party testing laboratory.


  • Free delivery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Up to 640mg of delta-8 THC per pack
  • Natural manufacturing ingredients
  • Locally-sourced hemp
  • Third-party lab tested and certified


  • Only available on the official brand website

Customer Reviews

With Exhale Wellness, we are still waiting for more customer feedback to come in. However, from what is available online, we surmised this product offers a lot of satisfaction, especially where the flavor is concerned.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. Plain Jane: Most Potent

Plain Jane came around as most others did after the U.S. government officially legalized hemp in 2018. However, unlike most other brands in the market, Plain Jane has skyrocketed in growth and user base. Now, the company has upwards of 75,000 individuals consuming its products across the United States. 

So, it is safe to say these people enjoy the brand’s products because they are high-quality and enjoyable. The quality of its products is evident in the way the brand sources its hemp and its manufacturing techniques. 

Now, with as many as 75,000 customers across the country, it would be easy for some brands to start taking each individual for granted. However, Plain Jane does not toe this line. Instead, the brand makes sure to ship orders within the first and third business day after the order is placed. In addition, they allow customers to return most unused/unopened products within the first seven days. 

Considering all of this, it is hard not to love the brand. However, it does not end there, as the brand makes conscious efforts to keep its customers educated. On its website, you will conveniently find FAQs, informative blog posts, and detailed descriptions of its policies, all of which help ensure you have no misconceptions about its products or services.


Plain Jane’s delta-8 cigarettes are equally impressive in their own right. For starters, the brand sells them in packs of 20 sticks. This meets the standard across the industry and allows you to have an ample supply of delta-8 THC hemp cigarettes. However, if you want a bit more, you could simply buy an entire carton, which contains ten packs of cigarettes.

Each cigarette contains between 3-6% delta-8 THC. To ensure you get as many positive health benefits as possible, the cigarettes also contain 5% CBD.

All of the plants used to produce cigarettes come from the United States, and Plain Jane currently works with about 15 farms close to its base in South Oregon to deliver the best products.

Finally, for safety purposes, the cigarettes are tested by third-party laboratories, and the results are displayed on the website for anyone to view. 


  • Locally-sourced hemp 
  • Federally compliant
  • Tested by third-party laboratories
  • Sizeable number of cigarettes per unit
  • Ample information on the website for customer research
  • Available in Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas


  • Limited variety

Customer Reviews

With a customer base of more than 75,000 individuals, Plain Jane has gotten its fair share of reviews across the internet. What people have to say about its cigarettes is primarily positive. For the most part, its customers believe the cigarettes are “delicious and chill.” A particularly excited individual rated them with five stars and commented on the product being evenly burned and well-packed.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Plain Jane

#3. Bearly Legal: Best Value for Money

Bearly Legal might not exactly qualify as the most popular delta-8 THC brand on the market. This is evident, considering you may have never heard of it before. However, despite its seeming obscurity, Bearly Legal is excellent at what it does, which is why it was included on our list.

One thing that would draw anyone to the brand is its penchant for putting customers first. Much like Exhale Wellness, Bearly Legal has a 30-day money-back guarantee. As you can imagine, this enables you to return whatever you buy from the brand without necessarily holding yourself to any unwanted financial commitments. However, it is important to note this money-back guarantee only stands if you did not use or open the product in the first place. Still, it is pretty useful if you get the wrong order or change your mind about the purchase.

Besides that, Bearly Legal has incredible shipping efficiency. We say this because when buying products online, a major worry among shoppers is that it will take too long for them to receive their order. However, Bearly Legal takes on this challenge by shipping out all orders within the first 24 hours, except on Saturdays and Sundays.


Several things make Bearly Legal’s delta-8 THC cigarettes truly worth the purchase. For starters, you hardly need to worry about running out of cigarettes as far as Bearly Legal’s sticks are concerned, as the brand sells them  in packs and cartons.

If you choose to get a pack, you will have 20 sticks of cigarettes. Each cigarette contains 50mg of delta-8 THC, giving you a total of 1,000mg per pack. If you want a little bit more, you also have the option to buy an entire carton. Each carton contains ten packs of cigarettes, so you will have 10,000mg of delta-8 THC per carton. 

Besides the weight and quantity, many other redeeming qualities put this brand on our list, one of them being its effectiveness. Ordinarily, 50mg of delta-8 THC is quite a bit, especially if you are consuming it in the form of gummies. However, with cigarettes, 50mg is just about the right amount of THC to have in your system to truly feel the effects.

Its safety easily matches the effectiveness of the product, as Bearly Legal ensures third-party laboratories duly test and analyze its cigarettes. It then makes the certificate of analysis easily accessible to anyone and everyone who might be curious about it. In addition, the hemp plants used to produce the cigarettes are sourced locally from California.

Finally, the brand infuses the cigarettes with all of the right terpenes to boost their flavor profile and make them even more enjoyable to smoke.


  • Fast shipping
  • Locally-sourced hemp plants
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Sizeable number of cigarettes per pack
  • Excellent flavors
  • Contains less than 0.3% delta-9 THC


  • Limited variety

Customer Reviews

From all indications, customers love the delta-8 THC cigarettes Bearly Legal has on offer. This is evident from the review section, where happy consumers expressed their initial displeasure with other brands but eventual satisfaction with Bearly Legal’s delta-8 cigarettes. The few people who had issues were swiftly attended to, and, in most cases, it was simply a shipping inquiry.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bearly Legal

How We Chose the Best Delta-8 Cigarettes

At the moment, the delta-8 market is booming, and, most importantly, it is growing. On the bright side, this means there is variety, and we have a huge pool from which to select. However, the dark side is that we cannot just pick any product for our recommendation, because not everyone is selling the leading delta-8 cigarettes. So, to truly pick out the top products, we had to create a few criteria for selection. They are:

Third-Party Laboratory Tests/Certificates of Analysis

Like we mentioned earlier, not everyone is selling the best delta-8 THC hemp cigarettes. Some brands are simply in it for the money and do not quite care about providing anything of high quality. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways for verification of these brands. The worst part is that there would be multiple marketing materials online explicitly designed to confuse users.

As such, we decided to check out one of the most credible and trustworthy ways of determining a THC product’s excellence — a third-party test. A third-party test is one conducted by a laboratory on a sample of a brand’s THC products. It aims to find out the federal compliance level of the product, and it also tests to see what the compounds are in each product and how safe the product is to consume. Afterward, the laboratory releases a certificate of analysis as proof the product has been appropriately tested.

Our top three brands easily made it onto the list, as they all made their third-party tests available for viewing. Some of our top three brands even went further to include it in their product images, while other brands that did not have this certificate were immediately cut off.

Brand Image

A brand’s image is created by the views of the people it serves. It can be positive, neutral, or entirely negative, depending on what people think about it. To pick out the best brands, we had to make sure we selected brands that people saw in a positive light. The reason is simple — brands with an excellent image have that image because they have done several things to deserve it.

To elaborate, if a brand is often rude to its customers, delivering late, and ignoring complaints, it will not take too long before customers start saying bad things about it. These conversations would go on to form a negative brand image, and the same applies to a brand that acts positively. So, in a way, you could say a brand’s image/reputation is an accurate or near-accurate representation of the brand.

With this in mind, we did a little digging into each brand that could potentially be on our list, as we wanted to know how well people perceived them. So, we checked out their reviews and expert articles about them. Those who had reputations that were less than savory were eliminated from our list. However, our top three brands had people mostly praising them and their products, and, as such, they made the list.


With online shopping, which is often the method of interaction where THC products are involved, things sometimes can get dicey. Your order might take a little too long to get to you, or there might be a slight mix-up during the packaging. In fact, you could accidentally receive something you did not even order. As annoying as all of these might be, they are quite normal.

Nevertheless, they require strong customer support teams that can handle the situation. Additionally, there should always be policies to reduce these possibilities and the regrets that come with them to a bare minimum. Keeping this in mind, we streamlined our products to those with the best customer-centric policies and teams.

We looked for fast shipping periods, free shipping policies, and favorable return/refund regulations. We also looked out for brands with responsive customer support/customer care.

Customer Satisfaction

When most people buy a delta-8 cigarette, they are hoping or expecting to be positively rewarded by the effects the product brings. The same thing applies to virtually every other product in existence that is put up for purchase. Nobody wants to buy something and end up gaining nothing but regret from the purchase, and we are willing to guess and say you feel the same way.

As such, to gauge the potency and value of the delta-8 cigarette, we decided to look at how satisfied it made other customers. We figured that if other people found it useful, you would too. So, we dug fairly deep into each brand’s reviews, as we wanted to see if the products could give consumers the mellow high they were looking for while still tasting great and keeping them clear-headed. 

We were careful not to check only the websites of each brand for reviews, as these are often glorified, repurposed marketing content. At the end of our research process, we eliminated all products that were famed for their inherent ineffectiveness. Our top three brands made it because people consistently spoke about their great taste and feel.

Hemp Source

The source of the hemp plant used in manufacturing each cigarette is just as important as the cigarette itself. Here is why:

Local farms in the United States are not simply close to home, as they are, quite literally, at home. As such, they are easier to monitor. With enough digging, you can find out if they are using any harmful herbicides or chemicals to grow their plants. Additionally, because the hemp plants do not have to be shipped across the world, you hardly need to worry about them suffering from harsh preservatives, so they do not get spoiled before they get to the U.S. 

However, with international farms, the case is a bit different. They are harder to track, and there is the problem of distance and its attendant problems. We did not want you to worry about any of that. So, we limited our search to products that are manufactured with locally-sourced hemp, such as our top three. 

Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Delta-8 Cigarettes

We have already done our bit to filter out the good from the bad, so we can recommend you the best products. We have also provided detailed information about these products. However, you cannot simply buy the first product you come across. You have to keep a couple of things in mind before you buy your next delta-8 cigarette. They include:

Your Tolerance Level

Different people can tolerate different amounts of delta-8 THC, and your tolerance level is dependent on multiple factors. One of the most prominent of them is your experience using delta-8 .

If you are a beginner who has never tried it before, your tolerance level would be low, and you would find yourself succumbing to the effects pretty easily. On the other hand, if you are an expert, you might be a little more stoic than the average beginner. 

Similarly, if your metabolism is pretty fast, you do not need to worry about the compound lasting too long in your system. Your body would naturally burn through the delta-8 THC faster than someone with a slow metabolic rate. Other factors include gender, age, body size, etc. 

Before buying delta-8 cigarettes, you should first understand how your body will react to them. This is to enable you to have a smooth, enjoyable experience at every turn. You can determine your tolerance level by simply “testing the waters.”

That is, buy a few cigarettes first, and smoke one to see how your body reacts to it. If you feel uncomfortable, stop and do not try again until you have gotten back on your feet. Once you have determined you are comfortable consuming a certain quantity, you can then adjust based on that.

Your Health

Delta-8 THC hemp is not a dangerous compound in itself. However, delta-8 cigarettes could become dangerous for you under certain conditions. 

For example, if you are a pregnant woman, you definitely want to avoid smoking in every form. In fact, you should probably stay away from THC, unless your doctor specifically says otherwise.

Similarly, if you have any underlying medical conditions that could be aggravated by smoking, you should stay away from delta-8 cigarettes. This is especially important for people who live with asthma and related diseases. Instead of cigarettes, you could explore alternatives like gummies or tinctures with your doctor’s approval. Whatever you do, make sure you put your health first.

Your Budget

Price is one thing we must not fail to mention. So, before you buy the next best thing, make sure it is within your budget. But, also remember that low prices do not necessarily equal value.

Granted, some products are overpriced. However, some are truly worth the money. As such, always ensure you are not simply dumping a product because you think its price is too much. If you are letting go of one for another, make sure it can still offer you the value you want/need from it.

FAQs: Delta-8 Cigarettes

Q. Can Delta-8 THC Cigarettes Get You High?

Yes, they can get you high. This is because the delta-8 compound contains psychoactive elements that are similar to regular THC. However, the degree to which it can get you high differs based on several factors. For example, as an experienced user, you might not get as high as someone who is smoking for the first time.

Q. Is Delta-8 the Same Thing as Delta-9?

No, it is not. Delta-8 THC provides much more moderate effects than delta-9 THC. It is like a milder version of delta-9 that does not cause anxiety, nervousness, or paranoia. Additionally, its chemical structure is fundamentally different from that of delta-9 THC. 

Q. Are Delta-8 Cigarettes Unsafe?

By themselves, delta-8 THC cigarettes pose very little danger to you. However, if you live with some medical conditions, this might not be the case. For example, smoking anything at all as a pregnant woman could be harmful to your baby. Additionally, smoke going directly into your lungs could trigger an asthma attack if you live with this condition.


Very few things compare to the sensation that comes alongside smoking the best delta-8 THC hemp cigarettes, as it may make you clear-headed and relaxed. However, even as you smoke, you must remember to be responsible not only for yourself but for those around you as well. Therefore, do not jeopardize your health for a quick high. Also, do not smoke around kids or keep your cigarettes close to them. Finally, never smoke and drive.

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