Delaluna Answers: The Most Trusted Name In Psychic Readings

248402452 397610015295353 4671287671410539186 n Spiritualist and astrologer Delaluna Answers is easily recognized for styling pink hair and rose quartz, but hates seeing her clients wear rose-colored glasses. Sometimes, love is blind and people become disillusioned with wishful thinking. Tirelessly and enthusiastically she connects with thousands of clients, dedicating her spiritual work and gifts to helping them find a much more realistic understanding of their lives. She has transformed the lives of at least 12,000 people in the past two years alone through her tarot and astrology readings.

Delaluna has been recognized as a trending psychic on numerous occasions and recognized for her high accuracy ratings. In 2021, she was acknowledged on Google News as the best and #1 top-rated psychic in the US. Most who have connected for spiritual readings, know her for her empathetic, witty, and realistic approach to life. In her free time, she is found maintaining a presence in the TikTok spiritual community, hitting the astrology books, and removing her black cat’s hair from furniture.

While Delaluna continues to provide astrological and spiritual readings, her oracle deck is a similar alternative to helping people seek clarity on love. Bridging the gap between the querent and psychic, she created the Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck by recalling her experience with frequent questions mainly on the subject of love and relationships. The spiritual card set was strategically developed to consider the querent (the person asking questions.)  She says that the deck was inspired by her beloved friends and followers, who have been incredibly supportive over the years. “I wanted to create something special for them,” she says. “Something that they could use to practice and connect with their own intuition and guidance.” As a result, the cards are easy to understand but also allow for spiritual development. The deck is expansive for all levels, aesthetically elegant, and very effective.

The biggest advantage to using the oracle deck is its immediate availability to resolve anyone’s private love questions. The cards pick up on immediate vibrations to bring forth messages, similar to affirmation cards. It makes it unnecessary for someone to book a psychic session or feel reluctant to share certain questions on their mind. The cards are like having a personal love expert on call 24/7. The oracle deck is always there to give guidance and clarity when needed most at a moment’s notice. For anyone looking to advance or take their reading a little further, this deck is a great hybrid or transition to other divination items. It can be combined with crystals or other card decks to expand answers and gain further insight. There is no limit or set instructions on their use!

While the concept of the Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck is helpful, the illustrative aesthetic is also a bonus. The cards feature gold leaf foil for an elegant and sophisticated look. The beige, gold, and white color palette integrate to showcase spiritual illustrations. Easily stored in a two-piece storage box, these cards can tag along to a friend’s house.

Delaluna Answers continues to share her love of spirituality through astrology readings and her oracle deck. She believes that everyone has the ability to connect with their higher selves and tap into their intuition. Her spiritual work is based on the belief that we are all interconnected through the universal collective consciousness. Her deck is a way to help people connect with their intuition and understand their personal spiritual journey. Delaluna is passionate about helping people find peace and connection within themselves.

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The Delaluna Answers Oracle Deck is available at

It can provide great insight into your current situation and help make decisions on how to move forward with your romantic future.

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