DeFi Pioneer and Investor Matteo Zago Shares His Journey to Success 


Ranked as an Amazon best-selling author in 2014, Matteo Zago is a renowned Defi pioneer and investor. In the early days of the cryptocurrency rise, Matteo was the first to map out the term “Web 3.0” and characterize blockchain technology with it; he first mentioned it in one of his most famous articles about the importance of Web3, which was really revolutionary and has gained wide publicity and was used as a reference by many journals, including Crunchbase.

The successful crypto entrepreneur has vast experience and industry understanding of the sector he often shares with others. Matteo has been in the sector since his early 20s, and he is known for his risk-taking personality, including taking financial risks.

Matteo ventured into the industry back in 2010, just when Facebook arbitrage opportunities were starting to grow for online affiliate marketing. To him, crypto was the world that had just hit a golden vein. A visionary and ambitious entrepreneur, Matteo quickly dedicated his time to learning how to make money on the web. “I’ve been working hard while everyone criticized me, including my family. And for a long time, it didn’t pay back, although I never lost my tunnel focus,” Matteo adds.

True to his ambitions, Matteo was quick to uncover the magic of crypto, and in no time, he began making more than he anticipated. At 22, he had made enough to start researching more about blue-chip crypto projects and investing in them.

However, crypto has been considered relatively high risk, with others in the mainstream terming it scammy until recently. Finding success can be a tough hurdle with so much fud and negativity surrounding the industry. For Matteo, the main challenge was to keep building and investing, saving his tunnel focus while others considered what he was doing gambling.

Also, being a Defi pioneer, Matteo has faced numerous challenges, with his biggest hurdle being trying to get others to understand the sector’s potential.

“For a younger and ambitious me, my biggest challenge was to resist what in crypto we call ‘fud.’ Instead of studying at university, graduating from it, and working 9 to 5 at some low-level company to pay back my student loan in 10 years, I’ve chosen to take risks and become a freelancer,” Matteo explains.

Fortunately, Matteo has overcome this and many other challenges to find success in the industry. He describes his success as a series of unique learning and growth opportunities and even some lucky circumstances. He has also become one of the top investors making a mark in the Web3 space. Matteo is also the author of two bestselling books for any investor seeking to venture into the space. “I’ve been doing the exact opposite of what they often teach you at university, despite almost everyone around me telling me it was wrong,” explains Matteo.

Matteo was ranked as a bestselling author in marketing topics by Amazon in 2014 for The Facebook Bibleand The Twitter Marketing Guide. He often reminds investors not to listen to the advice given by people whose lives they wouldn’t like to live. Instead, listen only to those who have achieved what you want to achieve.

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