DeezNuts Coin Is Catching Fire – Backed By A-List Celebrities

 The project was launched in May 2021, with the incentive to raise funds for Cancer Research. 6 Months on, and DeezNuts coin has raised over $100,000 from their community towards numerous cancer research foundations.

Those include the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Testicular Cancer Society, Kids Cancer Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Network, Jane McGrath Foundation supporting breast cancer and also The Mark Hughes Foundation supporting Brain Cancer.

But what else is behind the project that was launched in spring?

After an impressive kickstart, the organization behind the charity crypto currency has continued innovation in the NFT space with the launch of their Flappy Sack NFTs. The NFTs can be used in an upcoming virtual ‘play-to- earn’ game in a metaverse called ‘Flappy Sack’.

The exclusivity of the virtual tokens translates in the real world: Those who are amongst the lucky few to get their hands on a Legendary Flappy Sack NFT will join the DeezNuts team on an all inclusive trip to Bali, meeting celebrities and creators for a bucket-list experience.

It’s safe to say that it will be these kind of innovative incentives that will decide over the performance of NFTs in the future.

With the evolution of Defi in Crypto, DeezNuts Coin is rewarding their coin holders from November who farm and stake their coins with attractive incentives. The project will be listed on one of the most Innovative Decentralized Farming and Staking platforms –, solidifying the foundation of the project.

Convincing Token Function – Convincing Brand

Looking at the seemingly endless offer of crypto currencies launched everyday, it’s smart to look closer at the USPs of the ones that have made it. DeezNuts coin surely convinces many of its investors with the obvious charitable purpose to contribute towards cancer research. And while doing so they have formed a community of people from all around the world coming together through modern tools of communication, educating each other on the topics of cancer research, the options that modern fin-tech brings for charities, as well as crypto and NFT.

These communities serve a much wider purpose than the obvious one of investment and charity. Members form meaningful relationships, both business as well as personal.

DeezNuts has also been backed by an impressive list of A-list celebrities and Billionaires, including top NFL athletes such as Antonio Brown. Social Media celebrities such as King Bach and rap artists including Lil Pump. The upcoming play-to-earn game by the group is forecasted to attract millions of downloads translating into coin holders.

The crypto and NFT space stays exciting with innovative and complex representatives such as DeezNuts. As we’re only scratching the surface of the abilities and opportunities of modern blockchain technology, these players will be amongst the ones to watch.

Deez Nuts IG: @deeznuts

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