Decentral Games ICE Poker is the Biggest Game in the Metaverse

One field that has greatly been affected by the metaverse is the gaming world. It has created a virtual reality world where people can be whatever they want to be, which is making online gaming even more popular and fun. This trend has led to the development of many metaverse games, such as ICE Poker, which is fast becoming the most popular by gamers around the world.

ICE Poker is currently one of the biggest games in the metaverse, and is built with the goal of changing the gaming industry and helping project developers and players. To ensure they achieve this, the team of experts behind Decentral games has fused metaverse and Web3, allowing its players to own and control their future.

Their unique system sets them apart by giving the players and creators an upper hand and making it possible for them to reach their goals. As it is a play-to-earn game, you as the player win a prize which you can use to buy different digital assets in the Decentral land. This includes land and even winning the chance to tour various places, such as a replica of Sotheby’s art gallery in London, attending a virtual concert with Paris Hilton, and visiting a JPMorgan Chase & Co. lounge, and others.

According to Ryan De Taboada, the Chief Operating Officer of Decentral Games and token economist, ICE Poker is a game built to help players earn real money by completing daily challenges and competing against other players. This is helping them to give power back to the player and make online gaming fun and exciting.

“While other play to earn games reward players with a gameplay token and then allow them to ‘breed’ more NFTs with that same token, we have built ICE Poker in such a manner that players upgrade their NFTs with $ICE,” says Ryan De Taboada. This means that Decentral games do not in any way suffer from an exponentially increasing supply and this makes their ecosystem effective.

Additionally, ICE Poker is DG DAO self-sufficient. Decentral games pay fees with rewards from the polygon validator nodes that it runs. Their 1000+ parcels of Decentral land that they own make their roadmap unique and allow them to provide liquidity for its own token.

Ryan De Taboada explains that this is to help make ICE Poker more exciting and accommodating to all players. ICE Poker is a skill-based game that is easy to learn, and millions of people already know how to play it. ICE Poker is also the only game that is live in the metaverse allowing players to enjoy a great 3D experience.

Over the years, the gaming industry has changed a lot, and with decentralized games like ICE Poker, it is safe to say the future of online gaming is brighter. Their system is helping create a more organic experience for players allowing them to freely move their gaming items from one place to another without any major change. Decentral games are also assisting gamers to monetize their passion.

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