Dave Ellis – World-Renowned Knife Expert And Founder of Exquisite Knives.

Knives have been collected since their inception; even presently, there are collectors worldwide building their collections regularly. Many collectors believe just as much thought and passion goes into curating a collection as it does for making a knife. The culture of knife collectors is one of nuance and truly worth sharing; this culture is a world that Dave Ellis, founder of Exquisite Knives, knows intimately.

Dave Ellis is one of the world’s foremost experts on contemporary custom knives with 30+ years of experience. He is California’s first ABS Mastersmith – receiving the MS Stamp from the American Bladesmith Society. Dave’s primary focus was on large fixed blades with natural handles, forging his own Damascus and High Carbon Steels. Retired from smithing now, Dave still retains all of the contacts he has established over the decades.

Exquisite Knives offer endless options and accessories such as daggers, folding knives, and other custom steel blades. Their online storefront displays various styles and designs of high-end collectible knives. They are from Dave’s handpicked collection with pieces from the world’s finest knife makers, many of whom are his close friends. Dave’s network is vast, from the world-renowned makers to leading custom knife dealers.

In line with Exquisite Knives’ values of community and storytelling, Dave co-produced the film “Robert Loveless, An American Legend.” Rob Loveless, a foremost leading knifemaker and long-time friend of Dave, has some of his personal knife creations available at Exquisite Knives. Each blade from Bob’s collection holds the rich history of one of the world’s greatest knife makers. Having had the privilege to know and work with Robert is a highlight of David’s career.

Dave is a regular fixture on the knife show circuit, attending national shows for decades. He has grown as an influencer in the industry throughout his travels, building up a business with some very influential clientele. One of his favorite aspects of touring knife shows is meeting new collectors and seeing old friends in the industry.

It’s both rewarding and inspiring for Dave to share his personal story. It all started around 1987; while training in the Korean Martial Art of Hwa Rang Do, Dave discovered the combat usage of an edged weapon, sparking his journey into the world of custom knives.

Dave Ellis loves helping others build their collections, even setting up “blue chip” knife portfolios. Being an experienced knife enthusiast, Dave writes articles focusing on his areas of expertise, educating the knife-buying market. Additionally, Dave is a published author in many periodicals; find his most recent writings on the Exquisite Knives website. Dave welcomes people to contact him there directly.

Dave continues to strive for perfection and evolve his vast cutlery knowledge. Being a combination of Mastersmith, Collector, and Dealer in the World, Dave Ellis created the premier online knife store – Exquisite Knives. It is the clear choice for collectors and those seeking the highest quality.

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