Dank Vapes: The Most Disruptive Brand in Cannabis Vaping

The cannabis vape industry has been gaining momentum for the past few years. This rapid growth can be attributed to the increasing acceptance of cannabis use, as well as technological advances in the vaping sector. Cannabis vapes are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience, portability, and discreteness. With the rise of cannabis vape products, the industry has seen a rapid increase in innovation and product development, allowing consumers to customize their vaping experience with a wide range of products.

One such brand that has been an original innovator in the industry of vapes and cannabis is Dank Vapes, a brand with worldwide brand recognition within this market. In their early stages of development, Dank Vapes set the standard in flavor profiles and hardware for vaping products, made apparent by the imitators.

Dank Vapes is now a legally licensed California complaint brand, and can already be found on shelves in retailers and delivery menus around the state. Offering 20 unique premium flavors, DANK exclusively uses plant derived terpenes and triple distilled cannabis oil.

Unfortunately, the brand’s journey to get to this point had been a rocky one. With such widespread popularity a few years back, as one of the earlier brands who popularized cannabis vapes , the company saw a huge influx of imitators, which led to some incredible controversy. The counterfeiting that followed the company’s success made the Dank Vape look and feel the standard of the industry. Despite this counterfeiters were using dirty products and Vitamin E Acetate, so the counterfeits were making users sick, leading to what was known as the “vape crisis”. At one time you could buy DANK packaging from Amazon and DHGate, among other packaging sites, which would allow almost anyone to sell their products marketed falsely under the DANK brand.

The original developers of the brand did everything in their power to try and stay one step ahead of the counterfeiting, but the market had gotten so saturated that it became nearly impossible to bridge the gap of information for consumers. Eventually, the original developers decided to pull DANK off the market with public safety at the forefront of their intentions. The media made a martyr of the brand, tossing slander in its direction and blaming all of the negative backlash on their brand.

Nearly 3 years later, with new ownership, DANK is back and now a licensed brand in California. DANK Vapes is required to undergo the highest level of scrutiny, meeting all the testing standards and compliance of California’s Regulated Cannabis Market before it can be sold to consumers.

Dank Vapes has also tackled the counterfeit problem by implementing the most sophisticated counterfeit solution ever seen in the cannabis market–the first 2 factor authentication system.

“We really believe in the power of clean medicine,” says Dank Vapes representative, when speaking on their return to the market. “Counterfeiting ruined the brand, so we took the problem head on and heavily invested in our product authentication processes. Each product will have a scratch off and a unique QR code allowing consumers to scan and earn loyalty points to score merch and other prizes.

DANK Vapes is proud to be providing the absolute best quality of cannabis vapes and products. With a heavy belief in the access to cannabis as a clean medicine solution, DANK continues to work hard, producing high-value products at the best possible price. LMC Media on YouTube just released a documentary, detailing the story.

For more information on DANK Vapes and their relaunch, visit their website. To learn more about their journey, check out their new documentary.

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