Daniel B. Mendoza CEO And Founder Of BlackShark Agency Is Taking The Marketing Game By Storm

In today’s world, how you tell your brand story is vital for the success of your business. The mediums used, from Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook, determine how many people interact with your content, which affects sales and total revenue, making digital marketing an important factor. As more businesses realize this, the digital marketing field has become increasingly popular. Many people are trying to take advantage of the opportunities in the market, leading to high competition. But it hasn’t stopped Daniel B. Mendoza from making his mark.

Daniel is the 17-year-old CEO and founder of BlackShark Marketing Agency. Together with his team, Daniel is helping brands and personalities tell captivating stories that will connect them with their target audience. BlackShark hired a team of skilled writers and is partnering

with top publications in each niche to help their clients get proper media placement. They also have a team which offers SaaS, website development and business consulting for small and medium businesses in order to increase their revenue numbers, something the average 17-year-old isn’t doing.

At such a young age, Daniel has been able to accomplish a lot in life. He has managed to build something practical to help business owners around the country and believes in the next 2 years BlackShark should hit 2 million dollars in annual revenue.

Daniel also wants to keep working and assist more people in getting optimum results for their businesses. He intends to achieve this by leveraging his marketing expertise, which is centered to enable businesses to contact only organic and worthwhile clients, something that would be nearly impossible without credibility from public relations. Daniel also wants to keep operating in this industry and guide his clientele toward success with BlackShark.

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