Dalauan Sparrow, aka Low Tier God, raises the bar in the gaming niche on YouTube.

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He is a popular content creator, YouTuber, and gamer, who attained massive fame in the Street Fighter fighting game community.

Isn’t it astounding to know and learn about all those people and professionals who leave no stone unturned in becoming their best versions by giving it their all passionately and committedly? Well, the world has been a witness to the rise of too many such talented beings, but among them, one name that in the recent past has made more buzz and created more momentum, optimizing and maximizing social media platforms and the gaming niche is Dalauan Sparrow, aka Low Tier God (LTG), a determined young soul, who has remained consistent in raising the bar for others in the gaming niche in YouTube.

Low Tier God is the one who, for years, has turned heads with his excellence as an American gamer, streamer, and charming online personality, traversing his way to the top in the Fighting Game Community (FGC). This helped him earn major presence and prominence for his gameplay in the famous Street Fighter and many other games, especially the fighting games. Low Tier God’s roasts and his online rage-quits have also attracted the attention of many. It was back in 2014 that Low Tier God decided to explore YouTube after understanding the tremendous opportunities the online medium can offer him to up his game in his career. Today, he has earned over 127K subscribers with millions of views on his YouTube channel. Initially, he only covered his live streams and videos to cover his online play in fighting games and also created personal opinion videos and reaction videos; however, recently, he spoke about spreading his wings in other niches as well and creating content on different topics to reach wider audiences across the world and not get stuck in just one category.

Besides being a known personality in the online gaming niche and an entertainer, Low Tier God is also the brain behind the growing The Covenant Brand, which offers a premium collection of tees, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and accessories created in 2017 with the aim to allow individuals feel a part of something close-knit, to help them embrace their self-worth and increase the confidence that deeply lies within them. Low Tier God found an innate skill and talent in him to create a fashion brand. He began with jerseys and gradually stepped into creating other apparel as well that could be stylish and yet not necessarily co-relate to gaming, which helped him gain a clientele beyond sports fans.

Just like the kind of work he has been doing in the digital world, his name, too, stands quite unique from other creators around the world. Speaking on the same, Low Tier God says that it all began with the video game Street Fighter, which has three different tiers, low, mid, and top, and he coined his name Low Tier God because he liked low tier characters.

Low Tier God (@dalauansparrow) has indeed come a long way in the digital world, but from here, he only wants to keep moving forward and do much more in the coming years.

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