Barbara “Cutie” Cooper has only been online since 2008, but she's almost certainly the city's senior blogger–93 years web-savvy and posting as one of the OGs (“Original Grandparents”) at the internationally famous Cutie's husband and companion OG Pop-Pop passed last month, but Cutie blogs (and tweets) on undaunted, with granddaughter Kim Cooper promising that will remain “a place where Cutie can continue to shine. She is planning to stay busy, and hopes you'll stay tuned to her ongoing adventures, wherever they may take her.”

Today she debuted a custom theme song by Thessaly Lerner, a.k.a. the Ukulady, and it captures the spirit of Cutie and then some. (And then some more.) (And then some more for a grand finale.) Listen above but perhaps remove any dogs from the room–this song hangs out very happily in a very high register. The Ukulady will perform this song live (possibly with new verses?) this Sunday at the LAVA Salon at downtown's Clifton's Cafeteria–perfect.

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