Cure Mushrooms Innovates the Supplement Market with Medicinal Mushrooms

With increased attention on overall health in the past several years, the supplement industry has boomed, but it’s only the beginning.

According to Grand View Research, the North American supplements industry is expected to grow at an average compound annual growth of 5.6% to reach $77.1 billion by 2028, a significant rise from 2021’s $48.4 billion.

This expected increase is due to the public’s focus and growing demand for health products that help consumers lead healthier lifestyles. The past several years of the pandemic have sparked increased awareness of the need for preventative measures, and supplements offer a seemingly simple solution.

However, while taking supplements may seem like a simple process, qualifying them is largely left up to the consumer. And with the market lacking any official regulation, it’s becoming more important than ever to find supplement brands you can trust and products that fulfill their promises.

Cure Mushrooms is one such brand that has refused to take shortcuts and instead takes its time in producing whole supplements that are backed by science. The rapidly-growing supplement company was founded on the belief that medicinal mushrooms can be the answer to some of the greatest mental and physical health challenges that we face today.

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When initially exploring the market, the team behind Cure Mushrooms exposed a gap in the medicinal mushroom industry: most brands sold fillers in the guise of mushroom products, delivering only a small percentage of the health benefits that whole fungi possess.

Rather than take considerable time to properly grow and extract, many of the other brands expedite the process by growing mycelium cultures on rice, grain, and oats. While mycelium has its standalone benefits, it only delivers a fraction of what whole fungi – mycelium + fruiting body – do.

Cure Mushrooms utilizes the whole fungi – exclusively grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States – through a rigorous triple-extraction process to ensure all beneficial compounds are present and bio-available in the final product. Because of this meticulous process and the company’s steadfast refusal to cut corners, it takes about 100 days to produce their mushroom tincture.

When reading supplement claims, it’s important to remember that it is very little to no official regulation of the dietary supplement market. It is up to the consumer to verify these claims, something Cure Mushrooms makes easy for their customers in several ways:

  1. Their products are USDA certified organic. While any products simply labeled organic must only contain at least one organic component, USDA certified organic means that the farmers and the brand have met strict standards for growing, processing, and handling of the products, with at least 95% of the components to be organic.
  2. The products are third-party lab tested. These tests show the actual contents of active ingredients that are said to produce health benefits. The test results are easily accessible on their website, demonstrating their commitment to transparency.

Cure Mushrooms offers a wide range of mushroom supplements to address various health goals of their customer base which is equally divided between females and males. Their most popular blend is the 14 Mushroom Blend, which is ideal for overall health goals that include fortifying the immune system, reducing inflammation, elevating energy, and improving digestive health.

They also zero-in on popular challenges such as naturally increasing energy and improving mental performance with specific supplements that contain mushrooms that address those, including Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Red Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga.

Cure Mushrooms’ continued prioritization of quality and transparency has given the brand recognition on a national scale. Cure Mushrooms was named one of LA Weekly’s “Best Supplements for Women 2023,” Men’s Journal’s “Best Supplements for Stress 2023,” and Remeday’s “#1 Best Mushroom Tincture.

In the coming months, Cure Mushrooms is looking to introduce coffee alternatives, Chai Mushroom Masala and Green Tea Mushroom Matcha to satisfy the growing demand for jitter-free energy, immunity, and mental clarity.

For more information on Cure Mushrooms, visit their website.

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