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Everyone wants rare skins on CSGO. If you are into rare skins and other premium items, skin gambling websites like CSGOEmpire can be a lot of fun.

CSGO Empire is a popular skin betting platform for CSGO enthusiasts. The site started operating in 2016 and has hosted more than 5 million people since then.

Use our CSGOEmpire referral code to get a free case on the site (Use code: BIGLEAGUES).

Here we’re taking a look at CSGOEmpire referral codes and how they work. We also look at 3 more CS:GO skin gambling sites and we have promo codes for these sites too!

Here is the CSGOempire referral code along with codes from other sites:

  3. FarmSkins – CODE: FARMBIGWINS
  4. HellCase – CODE: 100BONUS

How Do You Redeem A Referral Code On CSGOEmpire?

It is easy to redeem CSGOEmpire referral codes on the platform.

  1. Copy the CSGOEmpire referral code or any other promo code that you want to use and click on the “Activate Code link”.
  2. Click on the Sign In button on the upper right corner of your browser. The Sign In button has a Steam icon on it.
  3. You will get taken to another Sign In button. This is to sign you in on CSGO Easyfrags. Just click on the Sign In button.
  4. You will then see a Security Verification window. You can enter your CSGOEmpire PIN if you want to but this is not required.
  5. You will get a message that you have successfully claimed your referral code or case code.

It’s as easy as that and it will take you just a few seconds. Try it now in your by using the CSGO Empire referral code BIGLEAGUES.

Is CS:GO Empire Legit?

Yes, like most of the big-name CSGO skin gambling sites, CSGOEmpire is a legitimate site.

As mentioned above, CSGOEmpire has been operating since 2016. This platform is also one of the largest CS:GO skin gambling sites in the world.

Ultimate Dynasty Limited is the owner and operator of CSGOEmpire.

It has a chat function with rooms of different languages so users anywhere in the world can join and chat with others. The site allows patrons to withdraw or deposit skins without a fee.

How Often Can I Get A CSGOEmpire Free Case?

You can get a free case every day at CS GO Empire. Just make sure that you sign in daily on your CS:GO Empire account.

Once you have successfully signed in, click on the CSGOEmpire Free Case tab on the top of the webpage. You can get a CSGOEmpire free case even if you don’t plan on match betting or playing during the day.


This is a great way to obtain new skins without spending a dime, so take advantage of the free cases and don’t forget to sign-in to CS:GO Empire and click the Free Case Tab every day.

How To Get Cases In CS GO For Free

Game skins are hot commodities in the world of gaming. Some collect game skins not just for their entertainment value, but for profit. In CSGO, the AWP Dragon Lore skin is a very expensive skin anywhere in the game. In 2018, the Dragon Lore skin sold for more than $61,000.

Most of the time, you need to spend a lot of real money to get skins.

However, there are ways for you to get free skins for csgo without spending real money. Since you cannot determine what a case contains, getting a lot of free items can help increase your chances of getting valuable or rare skins.

Here’s a list of the most effective ways of getting a free case in CSGO:

Playing The Game

Every time you finish a game, you get a chance to get a drop.

A drop is a method for you to get a free case or skin. This is a great system to motivate players to keep on playing games because the chances of getting a free case increase with each game that the player finishes.

This means that you can get free coins and free items multiple times.

Doing Missions

Operation Missions are paid DLCs for CSGO. 

If you have an operation mission, you will need to complete different tasks. Players who complete missions receive rewards in the form of stars. You can use stars to redeem equivalent skin drops or operation mission rewards.

The 4 Weekly Drops

You can get up to 4 weekly drops for free.

A CSGO week starts during Tuesdays or Wednesdays depending on the regions where the player is located. You can get 3 of the weekly drops during games throughout the week.

The 4th is a reward for leveling up so you might not get the 4th free case if you don’t level up during a given week.

Free Gifts

Platforms like CSGOEmpire often come up with promotions to entice more people to buy a case from them.

Common promotions provide free coins and items to those who buy a case. Think of it as a Buy One Get One Free promo.

Skin Giveaways

Some skin gambling sites provide users with codes or giveaways.

When skin gambling sites like CSGOEmpire hold giveaways, there are often requirements in order for game players to qualify. If you fulfil the qualifications for the promo then you are entitled to a free case.

Bonuses

Most platforms offer sign-in bonuses to all new users and a common reward for signing up is a free case.

Unlike weekly drops or giveaways, you can only get this free open case once. Platforms can use this to increase their market share of CS GO game players.

Code Promotions

Most platforms hold promotions. This is another easy way to get a free game case since most of the time, the requirements are pretty basic.

You might be asked to share promo codes to friends, share social media posts, rate their site or follow their social media accounts.

Free Cases For Deposits

Some platforms such as CSGOEmpire offer free game items for deposits. A free item can be a skin, coins, or a case.

Platforms have different systems of determining how a player can qualify for a free case during deposits. Make sure that you carefully read the rules of your platform to ensure that you qualify for a free case.

Loyalty Programs

Some platforms have loyalty programs as a way of giving thanks to patrons.

Platforms such as DatDrop and CSGOEmpire can offer points, instead of money, to players who perform certain actions. A player might get a point for making a purchase, for depositing money, for match betting, or for inviting a new player.

It’s a smart tactic.

Players can then accumulate these points and exchange them for a free case. Different platforms have different ways of awarding points so be aware of how your platform awards points.

Offer Walls

An offer wall is a site or a mobile application that rewards players for completing tasks. These tasks are often similar to those that CSGO betting sites run such as rating a site, watching a video, or answering a questionnaire.

The system lets you accumulate points!

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can exchange these points for a free open case. Some platforms offer game codes or game keys. A player can use game codes to open a case or get free things like skins.

CSGO Empire Free Coins

CSGOEmpire also lets you make your own referral code that you can send to friends.  As the CSGO Empire player who referred the new user to the CSGOEmpire site, you will receive a percentage when your referrals place bets on the website.


Think of it as a commission for bringing in a new user to the platform. It is also an incentive for inviting friends to the site or sending out as many CSGOEmpire referral codes as you can.

You can keep track of how many free coins you’ve earned through referrals to the CSGOEmpire website. You can also cash out your earnings whenever you want to. This means that the more new sign-ups use your referral codes, the more possible earnings you will have. 

CSGOEmpire Alternatives With Promo Codes

While CSGOEmpire has many great ways to get free coins and items (coinflip, CSGOEmpire referral codes, etc.) there are many other platforms where you can get free coins and other free items with our EXCLUSIVE referral code!

Check out our referral code promos for these CSGOEmpire alternatives below!

DatDrop – Best for Levelling Up


DatDrop is a CSGO gambling site used by more than 2 million players. The company is based in London and is one of the most popular sites for CSGO game enthusiasts.

DatDrop is an excellent site if you are keen on levelling up and love opening csgo cases. The site provides free csgo cases for all players who level up.  You can also get a promo code that you can share with other patrons.

FarmSkins – Best for Daily Freebies


FarmSkins is another well-known CSGO site and has been in operation since 2016. One of the most notable features of FarmSkins is the wide variety of payment options that players can use on the site.

Aside from credit cards like Visa and Mastercard, users can also use Skrill, QIWI, AliPay, and UnionPay. Users can also pay using cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin cash.

HellCase – Best for Premium Cases


HellCase is a popular case opening site not just for CSGO but for other online games such as DOTA 2. One of the things that attract players to HellCase is the premium cases that they offer at affordable prices.

Premiums can yield rare items like the gut knife, making them more sought after. HellCase offers free daily bonuses to all players who meet certain requirements. HellCase also periodically runs promotions that offer free items as rewards.

CSGOEmpire Referral Codes in Conclusion

If you’re on the lookout for the best CSGO platforms where you can win free coins and cases, look no further than this list.




HellCase – CODE: F100BONUS

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