CryptoJeweler: The Cartier of the Metaverse

The metaverse is the latest tech buzzword that has attracted massive attention over the last few months. From the fashion industry to the entertainment world, the metaverse is changing how people view and do certain things, creating a completely virtual 3D world that has made it so popular.

This trend has further resulted in the launch of many projects, including one of the leading NFT and crypto projects, CryptoJeweler, which is now redefining the fashion industry. CryptoJeweler is bringing together the fashion and NFT industry, closing the gap between the two, and helping people in the NFT space to better understand NFTs and make more informed decisions.

According to Jacob Bamdas and Michael Gauthier, founders of CryptoJeweler, they aim to bring the metaverse into the fashion world while creating a physical store of value for their digital NFTs. This will help them ensure that they continue to produce incredible pieces that will usher in the future of digital fine art jewelry and help NFT investors reach their goals.

CryptoJeweler has curated 10,000 unique pieces of digitally crafted and algorithmically generated fine jewelry pendants that are changing how people appreciate art. Their sister company, Chains NFT, offers a broad spectrum of pre-contracted IRL utility, assisting holders in growing their passive income and expanding their networks. Jacob, head of business at CryptoJeweler and a crypto enthusiast, explains that by buying a pendant, holders get an opportunity to attend exclusive IRL events at hotspots around the world.

They are also helping minimize owner profits by redirecting proceeds back into the projects. This assists CrytoJewelers in reaching their goals and giving their holders a chance to increase their income from the sales generated from Chain’s Sandbox shop.

Having been in the crypto and NFT industries for years, Jacob is leveraging his experience to help CryptoJeweler attain its goal of creating the metaverse’s first luxury jewelry. Jacob has been a crypto trader and angel investor for over 5 years, working on different projects.

He explains that his time in the crypto marketplace motivated him to start CryptoJeweler, joining hands with renowned jewelry designer Michael Gauthier. The two are leveraging the latest technology to create a 3D virtual reality world in the fashion industry, selling their pieces as a digital-physical pair.

“The fashion industry is fast evolving, and with the metaverse, this represents tons of opportunities for the sector,” explains Jacob. He notes that with many people spending a considerable amount of time online, their aim is to create digital high-end luxury jewelry pieces that will transform the fashion space. This will help CryptoJeweler bridge the gap between these two worlds while ensuring that their holders get those pieces in both digital and physical forms.

As CryptoJeweler grows, it is actively changing the fashion industry and creating a luxury jewelry outlet in the metaverse. Jacob says they aim to build one of the leading companies in the space, collaborating with top brands such as Louis Vuitton and The Meebits, among others.

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