Crypto trader and advisor Fabricio Lemus is raising high in the world of digital currencies

As the world has been advancing, so it the technology and the digital platforms. One of the most significant changes brought about by the development in technology has been the growth of digital currencies. As the digital currencies grew, so did the interest of people in them. There are various types of digital currencies available today like cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens or NFTs and bitcoins.

There is a wide range of people who have shown accelerated interest in the world of digital currencies and many people have already religiously begun trading and investing in digital currencies. While everyone who wishes to invest has been interested in investing in digital currencies, it is difficult for many to navigate their way through them and understand how digital currencies work.

Not just this, newly established digital currencies like NFTs and cryptocurrencies find it difficult to be recognised and deemed worthy of being invested in. It is challenging to get more and more people to know about a new potential NFT or cryptocurrency. Hence, there are many digital currency promoters who help such currencies in getting the traction they deserve.

One such person is Fabricio Lemus, who offers promotions to new NFTs and Cryptocurrency projects. Having a huge following for his work, Fabricio Lemus also advises people and his followers through his Twitter account.

Not just this, Fabricio Lemus is a YouTuber and a celebrity in Argentina and Uruguay, although currently he is diligently focused on the crypto world.

Fabricio Lemus began his journey in the space of digital currencies in 2018. Currently, he is an expert advisor as well as a trader in cryptocurrencies. That doesn’t restrict his horizon of interest in digital currencies, he is also an NFT collector. Fabricio Lemus has a bored ape valued at $100k USD, which is one of the most famous NFT collections.

Fabricio Lemus started his financial career at the age of 17 in the digital space of YouTube. When he grew older, his interest in digital currencies peaked and he began trading in cryptocurrency.

Through his hard work, determination and interest in the crypto world, Fabricio Lemus has built a strong team of over 100 people who currently work with him. He is a strong believer that one bitcoin will be valued at over $500k in the next 15 years.

While he has been dealing in cryptocurrency for some time now, he is all in dealing in crypto and Fabricio Lemus doesn’t believe in USD Fiat.

It was through his mindfulness, experience and expertise, that Fabricio Lemus earned his first million dollars at the age of 24 years. He says “It was crazy.”

With a goal of becoming a billionaire before he turns 35, Fabricio Lemus plans to start a new YouTube channel next which will be completely focused on creating podcasts with millionaires and billionaires. Here, Fabricio Lemus will be talking to them about their journey and more!

Fabricio Lemus is available on Instagram and Twitter.

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