Crypto Entrepreneur Kyle Chasse On His Successful Business Master Ventures & House of Dao

The crypto world is massively growing, and whoever associated themselves with it years ago are now living the best life. California, Ventura’s Kyle Chasse is one such crypto entrepreneur who achieved humongous financial success because he realised how profitable the industry would be. Kyle realised this in the year 2013 and is thriving even today.

In 2013, Kyle Chasse sold his company Reverse Aging Institute and invested in the Crypto business. Little did he know that his life will forever change with one decision. Chasse started his first-ever Bitcoin lottery company called World Super Lotto. He even started YouTube podcasts to guide people about crypto and bitcoin. Once success started knocking on his doorsteps, there was nothing that could stop Kyle.

About his business, Kyle says that he is at high levels as a Systems Innovator. Kyle and his team assist inefficient systems and attempt to improve them using blockchain and decentralisation. They have created various enterprises on the same concept. His company, Master Ventures, has a definite structure that helps achieve everything and benefits his other venture, House of Dao.

About how much his life has changed, crypto entrepreneur Kyle Chasse says, “Becoming financially free and knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about money again, by the time I was 31. Also going and diversifying into a lot of different infrastructure projects that well all being developed to support the cryptocurrency markets. I’ve invested in a lot of projects that are now considered unicorns – Crackin, Coinbase, Finex, Bitstamp, Abra, Circle, and the list goes on and on. I have outperformed every single Wallstreet investor, pretty much ever and that too by a lot.”

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