Crogecoin Adds Millions to its Market Cap in One Day

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The self-styled meme coin is on the move, seeing a huge rise in its market cap and token price. Can this project capture the imagination of users on Cronos?

Meme Coin Market Cap

CrogeCoin has enjoyed a huge uplift in a short period through its market capitalization (market cap), indicating a bullish sentiment on the project from users in the industry.

The move was recorded by the likes of DexScreener and the project itself, who quickly got onto their Twitter to call out across Cronos and notify the community of the power move taking place. The market cap sits at $41 million, making CrogeCoin a nano-cap token.

With the team self-titled a ‘meme coin’ and focusing specifically on hype, this is a momentous occasion for them as a project. Looking through the project whitepaper, the motivations behind the project are clear.

So far, so good––but there’s significant ground to gain until we’re at Doge Coin numbers. The project remains a very speculative bet for many crypto users but does appear to be heading in the right direction momentarily.

The market cap surge also so CrogeCoin’s price nearly triple over a single a day moving from .015 to over .04, according to DexScreener. These gainz show an increase of 166%, a metric any project would celebrate.

What is CrogeCoin:

The team explains that CrogeCoin was built when the team recognized the Cronos community as respectable and professional but lacking in hype. CrogeCoin is designed to bring the hype and fun of a meme coin to the Cronos chain. The team set out to create a new token in a market that was foreign to them. Quickly learning and meeting new connections, the CrogeCoin was born. It is designed to be the next Doge-like coin, in the Cronos space.

CrogeCoin’s birth took place in a slow environment, with the sky as the limit. The Cronos market is ‘expected’ to 100x over the next years. It currently sits at $0.41, with experts preaching near $5 in the near future. So logically speaking, as the Cronos market goes up, CrogeCoin will grow parallel with the rest of the market.

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