Creepy Clown Club plans to offer long-term benefits through PFP collectibles.

PFPs have been a hot topic for digital artists in the past few years. What started as a fun and experimental side project has now become a full-fledged art and design medium. Creators say that PFPs are a new way to think about identity, but they also stand on their own as valuable collectible in the world of generative art. The PFP became an intrinsic part of the vernacular of human creativity, to the point where conventional artworks have begun to be mischaracterized as PFPs.

Creepy Clown Club, developed by Eyal Karta, is the latest creation to join this rank. It is a full-fledged story that unfolds in a virtual world. This PFP collection is designed with the help of a world-class name in the digital animation industry: Pil Animation, a renowned animation company. Initially, it aimed to become an entire animation series on Netflix or Amazon. Still, it became a full-fledged product after a bunch of utilities, a great team of devs, and a highly experienced producer. So it is the right time to get in on the ground floor and help influence the future of this exciting platform.

The creators of Creepy Clown Club aim to bring together Clowns and NFT into the Wild West of Crypto. The most fun and colorful show will keep you glued to your screens. It has a mix of everything, including explosions, love, hate, horror, and comedy. It caters to those who are fascinated by Clowns and NFT. It is a place you want to be and never leave.

Eyal Karta has been a sensation within the Blockchain Community, trading in the forex world for ten years, four years in the field of crypto trading, and a year and a half of NFT trading. In addition, Eyal has a well-known college in Israel where more than 1000 students have already studied with him and his mentors. The community believes in Eyal Karta and hes team as they work hard to bring this vision into life. Success is only as hard as you make it; it can become easy if you have the right team.

The Creepy Clown Club plans to offer long-term benefits to the community. This project has massive potential and will be the an NFT PFP project to be self-sustainable and independent of its creators. It can generate super-passive traffic and success with only minimal marketing costs. The holders can enjoy the rewards as the value of the NFT will keep increasing.

The project comes from a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and the current market conditions. Many factors have led to the rise of NFTs and Cryptocurrency, but one thing applies to all: the highly engaged community who takes time to read and think about their ideas. The goal of the Creepy Clown Club is to drive NFTs into households by using an engaging story that also falls under an untapped genre. It is bright, colorful, and light-hearted for all ages.

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