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Entrepreneurship doesn’t really require a degree, unlike many other professions. If you had to sum up your company in a single sentence, what would it be? In many ways, entrepreneurship can be equivalent to walking a tightrope without a safety net. It is here that you demonstrate your ability to be different from the rest, where very few travel. In the journey of life, there is often only one person left to lean on when it all goes wrong.

It has been reported that many entrepreneurs have reached higher levels of success when they utilize the resources of experts who have already attained higher levels of income.

In addition to assistance, a plan of action derived from following the footsteps of thought leaders within an industry is a long-term investment that can pay dividends for decades to come.

Ken Joslin has a diverse range of experience as both a former pastor and a coach, as well as being a successful real estate professional who enjoys helping others achieve success and his own.

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From Joslin’s viewpoint, he appears to be interested in more than just having the entrepreneurs become employees of their own business. Ken students are taught to think big and to consider strategies that increase the value of their business, both financially and with their clients. As a result of his business coaching, business leaders are being trained on how to build authentic relationships with customers and to get started by leading by example.

Thus, his contribution to the coaching industry is more disruptive than that of many other coaches on the market because he is passionate about what he does, which ensures that his knowledge and experiences are utilized to help others.

Having a track record of success, he leaves a trail that any student with an interest in his or her field of study can follow. In the industry he has been part of, he has closed more than $250M in transactions, proving no doubts about the effectiveness of his leadership abilities.

Ken educates his students to identify the blind spots that commonly impede a business’ ability to grow. The fear or anxiety of failure causes many entrepreneurs to close their eyes to many aspects of their business. Whenever emotions are involved, self-imposed limitations often arise as a self-inflicted limitation. Founder of Grow Stack Drive, Ken has helped his students identify emotional issues quickly and provide them with emotional freedom that allows them to succeed in life and business. In addition to that, GDS’s main goal is to educate and produce highly effective and confident leaders. To achieve exponential growth, every founder must have the confidence and wisdom to know what drives success at all times.

In the hustle and bustle of running a business, many business owners will put in extended hours to make ends meet. When working long hours, one cannot exercise their creativity or come up with new revenue-generating ideas.

In his team, Joslin has helped countless companies build long-term relationships with their clients, thereby increasing their companies’ value by a factor of 10.

Additionally, Joslin and the GSD Team have spearheaded to bridge knowledge gaps that exist between teams and reconnecting members of an organization under a common plan of attack.

GSD  has received top accolades from top guns in the industry such as Brad Lea and Grant Cardone.  Ken has also been featured on dozens of top authority outlets, showcasing his authority to the world.

So get ready, buckle-up, and be on the lookout for Ken Joslin whose ability to create leaders will continue to benefit businesses of all sizes and the economy as a whole. 

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