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Humans are social beings by nature. We seek validation from our peers and gain confidence through the admiration of others. Hence, it is important for gyms and sporting facilities to not only offer an actual venue for boosting health but also elicit a sense of community with their members to promote improvement.

The Benefits of Creating a Community to Overall Health

Numerous methods have already been developed and adapted to reap the benefits of community-building for many aspects of human life. In fact, it’s an actual field of study in education and social work. On a macro scale, community-building helps members of the group to mobilize resources and encourage each other to reach a common goal. This belief has led to the creation of our traditional education system of classroom learners, political parties, and other organizations.

With such an established truth, it is now pretty obvious that creating a community that values health is also beneficial for people who want to improve their overall well-being. Italian personal trainer, self-defense instructor, and mental coach Alessandro Cassano understands this and uses the practice to teach health and fitness to his many clients.

Using the Community for Business Growth

Alessandro Cassano also uses his brand as a functional way to create a sense of community and foster motivation toward reaching fitness goals, no matter how varied they could be. It is an effective way to market all the varied products he sells on his platform. Plus, his community has also helped him advertise his own business and take on more people who seek him out through word of mouth or testimonials from his current clients.

Building and Maintaining the Community

It has to be said that a community will only be healthy with a shared goal. In the case of Cassano and his clients, that would be to reach their true potential. As their trainer and life coach, Cassano helps them achieve that by running a tight ship and by establishing a strong mental connection between him and his clients. He is able to do this by developing the TRIVO program (Training Risolutivo Intensivo verso l’Obiettivo, or Intensive and Definitive Goal Training), which allows him to connect with each client’s personal goals prior to doing intense physical training.

Under this method, Cassano’s personal mission is to bring out his clients’ true goals and make sure that he or she remembers them throughout the entire training process. In order to achieve this, Cassano requires his clients to undergo mental training for five to six sessions. Through implementing neuro-linguistic programming strategies, his students learn to process their specific objectives, whether that be to shed a few kilos or to be fit enough to join triathlons or climb Mount Everest.

Cassano is also big with rules and requires his staff and clients to adhere to them at all times for their own good. His rules include professionalism, promptness, and competency. He tells everyone that they are not there to be friends but to make some lasting changes in their lives.

With such a perfected system, Cassano served as an inspiration to many to take their health and their lives seriously. He is not only building a community of people who like to do business with him, but an actual healthy community, which is the foundation of any great nation.

To find out more about Alessandro Cassano and his teachings, you can go to his website or contact him via Facebook or his Instagram, @alexcassanocoach.


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