For those who have the desire for greatness but don’t have enough confidence to achieve it, Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS) holds the promise of hope. It focuses on the transformation of your mindset to lead you to success. It represents faith in oneself and in your own capability to manufacture breakthroughs.

CLS was started by Craig Landon Siegel, an entrepreneur, mindset coach, keynote speaker, and breakthrough manufacturer. He is also the host of the CLS Experience Podcast, which teaches people to learn the right mindset to find where their passion lies. It also guides them on overcoming obstacles along the journey, what must be done to dictate their inner experience, and how to stand up after failing.

Before being the icon that he is now, he had a stable business career on Wall Street. After numerous successes, he found himself still unfulfilled. That was how he realized maybe that wasn’t his true purpose in life.

It was then that he started pondering about what endeavor would set his soul on fire. He knew he had always been creative and skilled when it came to communicating with others. In fact, his influence spans different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. People around him often commend him for his ability to inspire others.

Suddenly, everything clicked. If Craig could use his charisma and talent to help people realize their full potential, why not do it? He didn’t hesitate and began planning how he should proceed with CLS. After it started its operations, the CLS Experience Podcast reached a record of 250,000 downloads in its first three months.

Cultivate Lasting Symphony is regarded by many as a beacon of hope because Craig made it such. Although CLS may also stand for his initials, it’s not about him but those he has helped. The movement’s mission is to change mindsets and allow people to realize their potential and use it to achieve their goals.

There are many testimonies as to how CLS has transformed their life. For instance, there was a client whose goal was to be active. For the seven months she spent inside her house during the pandemic, she rarely left the couch. She wanted to change her lifestyle but was never really confident that she could turn things around. However, after working with CLS for only two weeks, she can run for 7 miles.

To start a CLS journey, the team first creates the perfect plan for the client, depending on their goals. Every person has their own Moonshot Masterpiece Experience customized for them because, besides the difference in objectives, they also start at varying points in life. After designing the plan, several techniques are then implemented to build up the clients’ confidence.

In the future, Craig plans to maintain CLS’s reputation as a beacon of hope. He has the idea to start a foundation to mentor underprivileged children. The charity will be called Special People Rise, and from a young age, the beneficiaries will be guided and given  the direction that they can take for their future.

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