Costa Rican Model-Turned-Influencer Cata Freer Brings Positive Thinking to the Fashion Industry

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While the fashion industry has long dictated the sartorial trends worn by the general public, the rise of social media has accelerated the rate at which fads come and go out of style at a rapid pace. Matched with the constantly moving production cycle brought on by fast fashion, consumers around the world are beginning to understand just how cutthroat the fashion industry can be as the once on-trend pieces they bought just months ago cycle into has-been, out-of-style territory in a flash.

Though the fashion industry’s stereotypical mercilessness may now be more palpable than ever by the masses, there’s perhaps no group more understanding of fashion’s constantly shifting standards than models. Often viewed by the industry as a replaceable commodity rather than a valued human being, models have borne the brunt of fashion’s ruthlessness for decades on end – a disheartening sentiment that has unfortunately seeped into many models’ perceptions of themselves and subsequently into the trajectory of their careers.

As a result, maintaining a positive mentality in the face of constant rejection has become the key for models eager to grow their professional prosperity to the next level. One such model proving that positivity is truly the recipe for success is Costa Rican model-turned-influencer Cata Freer, whose trademark sunny disposition and infectious optimism have catapulted her career to new heights.

With flowing brunette locks, glowing golden skin, and bright blue eyes to match, Freer’s undeniably beautiful physical attributes and clear skills in front of the camera have made her an in-demand model for leading brands like Skims, Good America, Agent Provocateur, Steve Madden and Guess, just to name a few, as well as the leading lady in music videos for artists like Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, and Nicky Jam. Plus, with numerous aunts having already traversed the modeling world before her, Freer’s been blessed with an inherent understanding of how to move and pose with organic ease from an early age.

But beyond her natural talents, it’s Freer’s commitment to positivity and her visible work ethic that’s truly catapulted the Costa Rican beauty into the upper echelon of international models. Freer’s open and approachable demeanor on set helped earn her repeated bookings with some of the world’s top designers and magazines, and widespread recognition at swanky galas and high-end events held in fashion capitals like New York and Los Angeles.

Freer’s upbeat attitude has clearly translated well onto social media, helping the model become a sought-after influencer with more than 250,000 followers on Instagram and an audience eclipsing 800,000 on TikTok. Sharing everything from fashion tips to insights into mental and physical wellness with her signature positivity, Freer has perfected the balance between a fashion model and content creator across her various social media channels.

Beyond conquering a notoriously cutthroat industry with effortless ease, Freer’s eclectic variety of interests is catapulting the model into a whole new sector of fashion: brand ownership. Freer is soon set to launch her brand Chat Noir – ‘black cat’ in French, a cheeky nod to Freer’s demonstrated passion for foreign language – in the coming year, offering athletic wear, travel goods, and lingerie to her loyal following and consumers around the world.

While trends in the fashion industry may change quicker than the seasons, the infectious optimism and subsequent of models like Cata Freer proves that well-placed positivity never goes out of style.

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