Cosmina Esanu’s Rise to Become a Celebrated Lash Extension Artist

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Cosmina Esanu is a full-time lash artist and trainer certified by the Massachusetts Cosmetology Board. She is also a licensed esthetician, YouTuber, and podcast host. A native of Romania, Cosmina has loved beauty products since childhood, but at that time, it wasn’t apparent what trajectory her life would follow.

Cosmina’s journey in the beauty industry started humbly as an immigrant. She migrated to the US with her husband with only $500. With such little money, she began her career as a lash artist. It didn’t take long before she became an expert in this industry and grew her influence by mastering the skill of lash extensions.

Cosmina has worked tirelessly on cultivating her Limitlashes brand into a massive triumph in the beauty industry. She says that it is through her personal experience, training, and perseverance that she managed to make it. She has progressively grown in her career as a lash artist, and today, Cosmina is a lash trainer making way for other lash artists in the making.

An entrepreneur, Cosmina runs a business in Boston and provides online training services through her website, Limitless Beauty Boss. She attributes her success to staying motivated to achieve financial freedom.

The first step in filling a market niche is identifying the gap. At the beginning of her career, Cosmina discovered a problem in the beauty industry. She could not find consistent, high-quality lash training and lash mentors to help guide her. This gap prompted her to quickly jump into the opportunity. She set out to procure the perfect beauty products and launch her lash training program, and Limitlashes Academy was born.

Aside from being an accomplished lash trainer, Cosmina is also a renowned author with several publications. She is the author of the book, Look at You Know – The Ultimate Playbook to Building a 6-figure Lash Extension Business from the Ground Up. The book is a reference point for many lash artists as it dives deeper into how to become omnipresent online and attract customers with your skills. It has greatly helped artists navigate the competitive online beauty industry.

Despite starting from humble beginnings, Cosmina has become one of the greatest lash artists with a successful YouTube Channel and highly-rated podcast. Her journey mentoring other lash artists has also been successful through Limitlashes Academy, where over 100 students have been certified as lash artists.

Cosmina’s journey to the top was challenging as she faced numerous challenges early in her career. As an immigrant, life was a struggle, and adapting to a new culture, language, and economy wasn’t easy. “The first two years were tough for us. We both worked seven days a week, 2 to 3 jobs in restaurants, and physical labor jobs so we could save money and start our own business,” Cosmina says. It also took a lot of work to juggle learning the skill of lash extension and running a cleaning business. However, Cosmina overcame the obstacles and is basking in the glory of her hard work and determination.

Cosmina hopes to continue building her brand in the beauty industry, and through Limitlash Academy, she seeks to grow the number of certified lash artists. She also aspires to impact 1 million women to start their businesses in the beauty industry.

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