Corina Curatola, A Self-Made Woman, Understands Just How Important Self-Improvement is When Starting a Business

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Corina Curatola– an entrepreneur passionate about teaching others personal development. She’s an advocate for self-improvement because she knows firsthand how integral it is to a successful business.

Corina Curatola, also known as “Mina” is an inspiration to mothers, young entrepreneurs, and anyone with a dream.

Curatola is partnered with a multilevel network marketing company known as IM Mastery Academy. Simply put, they teach students how to invest their money. If they don’t have money to invest, they offer influencer marketing opportunities so they can create the residual income needed to invest. The primary goal is to help people fund their business endeavors.

“We are the world’s largest digital entrepreneurship academy that has streamlined a platform into 4 easy steps where someone can come in and become self-sufficient in whichever field they decide to focus on.” Curatola says. Money is a hindrance when it comes to starting a business, but with companies like IM Mastery Academy, it doesn’t have to be. “We as people tend to think if we had more, then our problems would go away, but more isn’t always the answer. The answer is gaining access to information that can teach you what to do with what you have in order to make it grow.”

“We teach people how they can invest in Forex, Cryptocurrency, E-commerce , as well as metaverse, staking, yield farming, NFTs, ALT coins, and DEFI.” Curatola says. If there’s a way to invest, we teaches it. IM Mastery Academy provides live mentorship where students will “accelerate [their] growth and achieve excellence,” as stated on their website. Mentorship is a pivotal part of the company, as it provides entrepreneurs with the mental capacity and confidence to move forward.

Money is important in starting a business, but mindset is a piece that people often push to the side when it should perhaps be the primary focus. At IM Mastery Academy, Curatola works with mentees to guide and support them. They get accountability and self-improvement skills, and they gain the confidence they need to be successful.

“Our life is just a collection of our decisions that over time formulate our habits which then create our life. To change the reality we’re currently living, we need to be able to go back to the drawing board, question everything we have been taught [so] far, and figure out what has truly made an impact on successful people so we can begin to emulate their habits.” Corina Curatola says. It is then that entrepreneurs can achieve their desired results.

Curatola practices what she preaches. She didn’t have an easy time getting to where she is today. She struggled quite a bit, having had a baby at 21 and having no career. “After almost 10 years of bartending and now being in this industry, I truly believe God was just prepping me, building me, putting me through tests to make sure I was ready to endure my entrepreneurial journey.” Curatola says. “There is no success without the ability to see it first in your mind,” says Curatola.

Curatola will continue working on herself as she sets her sights on the horizon. She will start working in the fashion industry and looks forward to a new project: “We started working on a luxury streetwear line for adults and kids called ANIM where we will partner with non-profit organizations to donate a percentage of the profits.” Curatola says. Ultimately, she’s in business to have an impact on people. “I do not care for a million dollars in my bank account as much as I care for a million people at my funeral,” she says.

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