Last week, Patrick Range McDonald noted that L.A. County D.A. Steve Cooley is having trouble in the California Attorney General's Republican primary (“Is Cooley Too Moderate to Win?,” June 4) against his more conservative opponents. A reader called Nancy weighs in:

“Cooley should not win NOT because 'he's too moderate' but because he's a phony, playing the pious card, pretending to be all simple and religious, and aw-shucks growly rough-talkin'/paunchy and jowly lookin average Joe. While really, he's as sharp a manipulator as they come, a real politician. He's using the Polanski and Michael Jackson's doctor's cases, and medical marijuana, as his 'calling cards' to look tough on crime to compensate for claims he's 'soft' by right Republicans, no matter the cost to those involved.

“WORSE,” continues Nancy, “why isn't there any press on this: Cooley has been successfully sued by the Asst. DA's in his OWN office (the ADA) for systemically and harshly discriminating against them, punishing them for trying to stand up to him and unionizing to protect themselves. [He] got an injunction slapped on him in early March to cease and desist this…pattern of retribution and discrimination. Ain't nothing phonier or scarier, folks.”

Reader Frank Courser has a different take: “I guess common sense is no longer popular in the Republican Party?


John Perez wrote the following and attached it to the story on Steve Cooley. We're not sure we get the connection, but…: “Why are California politicians so corrupt? Why do they side with law-breaking illegals against the citizens who elected them? Why did they lie when they took the oath to uphold our laws and pledged loyalty to America? Why do they attack the legal citizens of Arizona who are trying to force the Obama administration to enforce our federal laws? Why are Obama and the liberal Democrats in Congress who also took an oath of loyalty to the United States and U.S. Constitution committing acts of treason and blatantly refusing to uphold our laws and protect our borders against this invasion of America? Can anyone help me with some answers here?”


One of the world's great people died last week, as noted by staff news blogger Dennis Romero (“UCLA Basketball Legend JohnWooden Dies,” June 4). Someone, under the name of Rabbi Pedro Goldstein, writes:

“John Wooten [sic] dies at 99. Jesus here it comes. I can see it now. A three-ring circus funeral paid for by tax dollars. Staples Center will be jammed, idiots running loose waving Lakers flags, the unemployed fans who can't afford to see a live game in an uproar, Villaraigosa giving speeches and handing out proclamations, LAPD all over the place racking up overtime for crowd control, the City Council will change the name of Figueroa to John Wooten [sic] Street, the city-owned L.A. Sports Arena will be renamed John Wooten [sic] Memorial Sports Arena — this celebrity worship never ends!”


Some intriguing responses to Patrick Range McDonald's piece on State Senator Gloria Romero's campaign for state superintendent of public instruction (“Gloria Romero's Race to the Top,” June 4). “I am overjoyed to hear of a Latin voice in politics that isn't captive to the SEUs (state employee unions),” writes Efrain Rojas. “The number of prospective teachers far outnumber the available positions. As a society, it behooves us to recruit the absolute best for these positions. If you are a burnt-out and frustrated educator, get out of the profession and make room for somebody who wants the job.

But William Joseph Miller goes much further: “Here's my challenge to Patrick Range McDonald. Man up. Quit your job as a journalist and man a classroom in a secondary school in the middle of hard-core gang territory. Let's see how well you can control a classroom of rowdy students. Remember that just like guys in Cypress Hill, some of your students come to school to sell drugs. Remember that some of your students are hard-core gang members who are determined that 'thugs rule.' That also means taking over your classroom. Remember that thanks to reformers like Gloria Romero, you can expect no backup.

“Remember that it's all YOUR fault,” continues Miller. “Both parents and administrators blame you for not 'relating' to the kids' culture, or for talking with a faggoty voice, or for interfering with their kid's ambition to star in the NBA … the list goes on. In terms of keeping control, you're on your own. Even if you are assaulted — remember — you're to blame. Is it any wonder that we have classrooms full of rowdy students? This attitude is the product of all the reformers that both Gloria Romero and L.A. Weekly love to promote. The only person accountable for anything is the teacher. And look at the results. Gloria Romero is a fraud who is dangerously out of touch with the classroom.”

Herb adds, “The reformers do not listen to the teachers, who are actually doing the job. I am a teacher and I always get what I don't need (quarterly assessments) and never what I do need (smaller class sizes and backup on discipline). While we're at it let's rethink this bizarre idea that everyone is going to college, is equally smart, and should take nothing but traditional academics, such as alghebra and chemistry.”


Last week's theater feature noted that “The Women of Brewster Place” at the Celebration Theater deserved a live band. In fact, a live band was playing out of sight and piped through the theater's sound system. Also, that review miscredited Julianne Chidi Hill for a role in fact played by Erica Ash.


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