Cool Cannabidiol From Kauai — A Guide To The CBD Hawaiian Haze Hemp Strain

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According to current statistics, about 1.4 million people have the luxury of living in the Hawaiian Islands. However, there are many ways non-Hawaiian natives could create a “Polynesian staycation.” No, we’re not talking about booking a trip to Disney’s Polynesian Resort! We’re talking about trying the hot hemp hybrid Hawaiian Haze.

Although Hawaiian Haze is available in a high-THC marijuana form, it has become a trendy cultivar in the CBD hemp space. Hemp breeders have discovered a way to mimic the flavors in the original Hawaiian Haze without transferring delta-9 THC. Customers who want to experience the relaxed vibe of Maui at home should check out what CBD Hawaiian Haze offers.

How Does CBD Hawaiian Haze Smell & Taste?

According to most reports, CBD Hawaiian Haze is a blend of two popular hemp hybrids: Early Resin Berry and DC Haze. Understandably, fruit flavors like berries play a significant role in Hawaiian Haze’s flavor profile. Customers often report sweet and tropical notes that resemble fruits like mangoes and pineapples. The terpene myrcene is most likely responsible for Hawaiian Haze’s fruit-forward notes.

However, that doesn’t mean Hawaiian Haze is a one-note sweet strain. There are plenty of reports that suggest Hawaiian Haze has traces of the citrusy terpene limonene. This may contribute to the bright lemon-lime notes and a pinch of sour diesel. Plus, since Hawaiian Haze has some Haze genetics, smokers should expect a slight hit of spice and pepper.

What Do People Feel When Using CBD Hawaiian Haze?

Most lab tests suggest CBD Hawaiian Haze leans on the sativa end of the spectrum. While the sativa vs. indica distinction isn’t as pronounced for hemp hybrids, it may influence CBD Hawaiian Haze’s standard effects. Similar to traditional sativas, Hawaiian Haze tends to have an uplifting impact on users.

While many people use CBD Hawaiian Haze to relax, it’s rare for this strain to induce severe sedation. In fact, plenty of customers use Hawaiian Haze as their go-to strain for events. Plenty of studies suggest CBD has a positive impact on conditions like social anxiety disorder. Plus, since CBD Hawaiian Haze seems to gently energize users, it appears to help people feel alert and relaxed in a party setting.

Since Hawaiian Haze has a “euphoric” association, it’s best to test this strain in the middle of a day when you have nothing on your schedule. Everyone reacts to CBD hemp strains differently, so there’s no guarantee Hawaiian Haze will make you feel “uplifted.” However, few people use Hawaiian Haze to combat insomnia, so it’s safer to test this strain long before you plan to go to sleep.

Please remember that Hawaiian Haze hemp flowers must contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC by federal law. As long as you have high-quality CBD Hawaiian Haze buds with third-party lab results, you shouldn’t feel “high” when using this strain.

High-Quality Hawaiian Haze Must Have Exceptional COAs

Before buying into the “Hawaiian Haze hype,” please don’t forget to get your hands on third-party lab results. Many “hemp farmers” pass off trichome-depleted industrial hemp for carefully-cultivated CBD hemp. In worst-case scenarios, some hemp flowers have high concentrations of heavy metals or pesticides.

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