Cool 2Be Conscious is growing as a much-needed movement across Australia and now expanding to various other locations.

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Founded by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, it is known for elevating humankind’s consciousness and bettering their lives and self-identity.

It is truly surreal to know and learn about all those industries and sectors that go ahead in inspiring greatness and uniqueness in the world in many incredible ways. It is even more essential to put more light on these sectors and understand how they have been moving their way to the top. Among several such industries, no one can deny how the health and wellness niche has been doing and exceeding boundaries worldwide, offering people alternative and comprehensive health and wellness services. Rising to be one of the top in this is Cool 2Be Conscious (C2BC), founded by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, which has grown as a movement across Australia and now spreading its wings across other locations and even in the US.

Cool 2Be Conscious is all about elevating humankind’s consciousness to help them lead to a more comprehensive and loving world. C2BC has become a go-to place to understand how to fully optimize living a more fulfilled and abundant life. They believe in the “Be the Love. Be the Fun” motto, highlighting that at everyone’s core is love, and people crave fun. They came up with his motto on Fraser Island, and as founders with a passionate team of over 60 facilitators/licensees, they knew what they wanted to embody and teach the world in a simple and fun way.

The team thrives on a few robust strategies for attracting customers and reaching new ones, like authenticity and speaking their truth. They deliver value and provide beyond people’s expectations. Their Stillness sessions have helped them grow as a brand. Also, they stay in tune with popular culture and stay relevant with the changing times, impacting the maximum people with their incredible alternative health and wellbeing services. As a team, they have also educated themselves on their sessions’ biological effects and benefits on the brain and body to encourage more people to join in this movement.

Cool 2Be Conscious (@cool2beconscious) has grown tremendously, even on Instagram and Facebook, and now aims to push much more into TikTok in the coming times.

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