It’s a name that gets a cannabis connoisseur smiling. As the popularity of the cannabis industry explodes, so does the notoriety of Cookies’ cult following. An exciting brand for any newcomer to discover, those in the know have enjoyed Cookies’ impressive legacy for decades. Born from humble beginnings in a San Francisco Sunset District garage, the company has fused the world’s best-flavored, most potent cannabis varieties to hip-hop, internet and streetwear culture like no brand has before, making it one of the most recognizable names in the industry. The quality of their products is incomparable – creating an intense, familial loyalty that has developed into a conscious community of tastemakers.

With the intent of making high-quality cannabis available to everyone, Cookies’ mission is to provide the best of the best. Curated for the connoisseur by the connoisseur, Cookies was founded by the top-selling, award-winning Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner and his partner, Jai – a leading cultivator and breeder of the mysterious and coveted Girl Scout Cookies, London Pound Cake 75, and other top-selling strains of contemporary cannabis. Cookies has always had a strong following in their community by staying true to what cannabis stands for: everyone is family.

Surpassing California’s strict quality guidelines with an even more rigorous set of their own, this is the stuff you can trust. In fact, the CEO himself acts as a product tester: nothing hits the shelves that doesn’t meet his standards. No gimmicks, just quality you can depend on.

Cookies recognizes that their community has varying levels of need and experience. For the novice, they offer six-pack pre-rolls, each 0.58 grams. For the seasoned consumer, Cookies promises that their proprietary genetics will do you just right. A great experience for the connoisseur, the cultivars are vast with something for every palate.

Cookies’ deep talent roster boasts decades of combined institutional knowledge of both the plant and the culture. When speaking with the team, one can’t help but be swept up in their enthusiasm. As consumers of the products themselves, they have poured their heart and soul into ensuring the purity and essence of the flower shines through in all of their offerings.

Cookies has two flagship stores in the Los Angeles area on Melrose Avenue and in Maywood plus a third location in Redding, with more coming soon to Norcal. Swing by for one of their upcoming drops this November of Georgia Pie, Grenadine, Sticky Buns, Honey Bun, LondonChello, Ocean Beach, Sweet Tea, Pancakes, Berry Pie, Pink Rozay and Collins Ave.

Should you choose to visit, be ready for a all-encompassing cannabis experience. Whether you come for one of their famed strains such as London Pound Cake 75 or Cereal Milk, or are just eager to peruse their edible collection, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

At Cookies, you enter a customer and you leave a part of something greater: a family.

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