Connor Miller Steps Outside of Innovation to Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Putting too much focus on innovation and technology, many transportation companies have moved away from a focus on supporting their customers. When Connor Miller co-founded ArdentX, he saw the outdated practices of his competitors and knew he could do better. Instead of focusing on technology that does not work in a market like his, he has chosen to focus on giving customers the best service they possibly can.

The tremendous adversity Connor has faced in life has made him who he is today. At age 17, he was a heroin addict and was arrested five times, spending a total of 22 months behind bars. He got clean in 2015 and met his wife, Grace. “Today I have a beautiful family including my wife Grace and my son Brodie. Huge thanks to my wife who has supported me through everything and been my rock even at my lowest moments. She believed in me when I was nothing,” says Connor Miller.

Going to work in the transportation and warehousing industry, together, Connor and his father co-founded ArdentX, a freight brokerage, and trucking company, which turned it into one of the highest growth companies in Jacksonville. Connor saw the outdated business practices of their competitors and knew he could do better. While they focused only on innovation and tech, he turned his focus to giving clients the best service they possibly can. And it has paid off.

It took Connor 4 years of working 80-100 hours a week to get ArdentX where it is today. He will tell you that there’s no such thing as an overnight success, but that everything takes hard work and dedication. Connor spent his twenties building a company. He’s created a company culture of respect, hiring people based on who they are, not just how good they look on paper. Connor also refuses to do business with carriers who look out for their own self-interests.

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