Confidence and Resiliency: the Story of Fashion Designer Isabella Acosta

Mastering the art of resilience is one of the essential attributes for navigating through various life challenges. It implies the confidence to accept outcomes and deal with failure, conflict, and challenges. Confidence and resilience will help you find a working formula to bounce back no matter how many challenges you face.

Most successful individuals across various industries, from the sporting world to the entrepreneurial side, possess these two attributes, a reason they stand out from the rest. Fashion designer and self-made entrepreneur, Isabella Acosta, is one such success story who shares an inspiring story of confidence and resilience.

Isabella Acosta is the founder and chief designer of On9thst Inc., a leading full-service fashion production house. Based in downtown Los Angeles, On9thst Inc. stands out as the brand producing tomorrow’s fashion today. The company understands the creative process and the importance of delivery, and they pride themselves on and work on their client’s brands and production as their own. “We help brands from the beginning to the end with all production elements in mind. Our goal is to make quality products over the idea of quantity. Our professional team of pattern makers, seamstresses, and designers are here to make your designs come to life,” reads the On9thst Inc. website.

Unknown to many, Isabella shares an incredible story of rising from the bottom to success. Her unparalleled work ethic and determination to improve have fueled her success in becoming the person she is today. Isabella has proved to be a self-motivated, confident, and resilient woman with what it takes to deliver results. “I will do whatever it takes to get the job done,” she says.

With no clear direction or enough money to fund her journey, Isabella left everything she had, jumped in her car, and drove cross country to attend fashion school. Her mind was locked on chasing her long-term, and nothing would stop her.

“I worked day and night, three part-time jobs to be exact, to pay for fashion school. It was such a rewarding time in my life. It showed me that all you need in life is your health, brain, and loved ones,” Isabella explains.

According to Isabella, everyone is born with the potential to become whoever they desire. More importantly, consistency is vital; confidence, resilience, and consistent effort are crucial to success. If you battle every day with these three things, you will be successful in life. Society has its cruel norms but don’t let them get to you, and don’t let them stop you. Don’t let them get in your head and think you’re not good enough to be an entrepreneur.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy life, your kids, your family, and your friends. Happiness is also key to your success. “My son and my company are my main priorities in life. I have sacrificed a lot to get to where I am,” she says.

An ambitious woman, Isabella aspires to grow and expand On9thst Inc to become the biggest apparel manufacturing company in the US. She also wants to develop a couture house and become the most wanted brand in the world.

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