Conduction vs. Convection — Vaping CBD Hemp Flowers

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People just getting involved with vaping CBD hemp are often overwhelmed by all the devices on today’s market. From big & bulky desktop units to palm-size portable vaporizers, there are a lot of dry herb-compatible devices to choose from.

While you could categorize dry herb vaporizers in many ways, it’s easiest to divide these units into “conduction vs. convection.” These terms refer to the standard heating styles found in dry herb vaporizers. There are significant differences in the vapor quality that conduction and convection units produce, so new customers must understand what they’re getting when choosing their first unit.

Conduction vs. Convection Heating — Essential Details For Dry Herb Vaping

The best way to explain conduction vs. convection heating is to think of a hot pan versus an oven.

First, imagine throwing a few patties on a hot pan. What makes this meat sizzle? Well, the heat from your pan directly transfers to your soon-to-be burgers. This first heating method relates to conduction heating in vaporizers. In these devices, the heating element touches your herb as it creates vapor.

By contrast, most people liken convection units to “baking cookies in the oven.” The heat in a convection oven swirls around to help heat whatever you’re baking. This principle also applies to convection vaporizers. The heat in convection units is generated in a separate compartment and filters through your herb chamber.

Conduction used to be the only heating style available in dry herb vaporizers, but it has lost a bit of its “steam” with the invention of convection units. People often perceive convection units as the “cleaner” option because the heating unit doesn’t directly touch their herb.

So, Does Convection Always Offer The Smoother CBD Experience?

From our brief description of convection vs. conduction, you may sense that convection ovens are the “superior” option. Indeed, many people in the CBD vaping community often argue that convection units offer a more “premium” experience. So, why would anyone bother with conduction vaporizers?

Yes, convection vaporizers tend to produce a smoother and more flavorful vaping experience. There’s also no risk of burning your hemp flowers in a convection unit versus a conduction oven. Thirdly, conduction vaporizers heat herbs more evenly than conduction units.

However, many CBD vapers still prefer the affordability and speed of conduction vaporizers. Generally, it takes less time for a conduction unit to reach its intended temp than a convection unit. Conduction vaporizers also tend to have more precise temperature control.

Since convection units have extra compartments, they’re often larger than conduction vaporizers. Most often, if you can fit a vaporizer in your hand, there’s a good chance the manufacturer used conduction heating. This makes conduction vaporizers more popular with people who want a discreet & portable vaping experience.

Since conduction vaporizers tend to cost less than convection devices, new hemp smokers often experiment with conduction units before deciding whether to invest in a convection heating unit. Generally speaking, conduction vaporizers are great at “getting the job done” on the fly, while convection units offer a premium experience that users should savor at home.

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