There is no denying that Delta 8 THC has taken the marijuana industry by storm. The 2018 Farm Bill has proven to be an opportunity for the industry to explore and work with better cannabinoids. If you haven’t heard about the Delta 8 THCconcentrates, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Before trying any substance, you must conduct thorough research. Have you tried the Delta 9 THC products? If you’ve enjoyed the regular THC-based concentrates but are looking for a more stable and mellow alternate, Delta 8 should be your new friend.

Meet Your Friend, Delta 8 THC

What is Delta 8, and where does it come from? Delta 8 THC is like Delta 9 THC but better! It has the same chemical structure, except for the location of its double bond on the atoms. While Delta 9 has a double bond on the 9th atom, Delta 8 has it on the 8th atom.

What does this mean for you? This means that if you have tried Delta 9 THC and wish you could enjoy the health benefits without feeling anxious or paranoid, you now have a whole new cannabinoid for that.

The Delta 8 THC has proven to make consumers more productive and active. More and more users are switching to Delta 8 THCbecause you don’t get as high with this cannabinoid.

Delta 8 Concentrates

Delta 8 concentrates, similar to delta 9, they are the thick waxy/oily substances that you can consume either using a vape or a bong. However, oils such as hash oil [butane honey oil] are things of the past.

Newer consumers prefer dabs over oils because they are more powerful, and their effects are felt for longer periods. However, choosing the right product comes down to your personal preferences and tolerance levels.

Let’s take a look at the difference between Delta 8 oil and Delta 8 wax:

Delta 8 Oil

Like the Delta 9 oil, Delta 8 oil is more powerful than flowers and edibles- you will feel the effects of the high a lot sooner. It has higher concentrations of THC which means the buzz will last longer.

However, unlike Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC oil will make you feel more energetic and productive. Consumers of Delta 8 oil have reported that the effects of consuming oils are stronger than flowers and edibles.

Delta 8 Wax

Delta 8 wax is much more powerful than delta 8 oil. If you think you feel the effects of oils a lot quicker and for a longer period, then Delta 8 wax will be a joy for you.

However, we suggest moving on to wax only after experimenting with oils. Once you build a higher tolerance level for oils, you can move on to dabs or wax.

How are Oil and Wax Different?

As the name suggests, oil is a liquid that can be either dense or thin. In contrast, wax is a semi-liquid or a solid Delta 8 concentrate. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between the two.

The High: Because of the extraction methods used for oils and waxes, the effects of their high are a lot different. Oils are less potent because they are produced by using other oils that react with the natural compounds of a cannabis plant. The production process makes the concentration levels of the cannabinoids lower.

On the other hand, getting the consistency right for dabs doesn’t require other oils or waxes. A dab is extracted from the cannabis plant, and its THC concentration can go up to 90%. As compared to oils, wax is considered a more powerful and effective concentrate.

What Should You Pick?

Picking a concentrate will depend on your tolerance level and the kind of experience you’re looking for. If you want to go out with all guns blazing, perhaps try our Delta 8 THC Dabs. However, if you want to ease into it and build your tolerance level, you can try Delta 8 tinctures and oils.

Friendly Advice

Our friendly advice to you would be to be careful when consuming Delta 8 THC products. Follow the usual SOPs you would follow with Delta 9 THC, such as avoiding heavy machinery or driving a vehicle.

It will also help if you remember that Delta 8 is a more stable cannabinoid than Delta 9 THC. This means that Delta 8 THC has a higher capacity to build up your tolerance levels- the more Delta 8 products you consume, the higher your tolerance will be.

To keep everything at a moderate level, you should consume Delta 8 on consecutive days. If you’ve been using it every day, take a week-long break at the minimum, and you’ll go back to your initial tolerance level.


Delta 8 is a federally legal cannabinoid; however, some states have explicitly banned it. Before you make a purchase, be sure to check your state law and the current federal law regarding Delta 8 products.

The 2018 Farm Bill states that any cannabis plant with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC is legal. However, no updates have been regarding Delta 8 THC, which is why it is believed to be a federally legal cannabinoid.

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