It's Gotta Be Bumpin'

A new day in Compton? Readers were hopeful after reading Patrick Range McDonald's cover story about the refreshing newcomer in the mayor's office (“Dragging Up Compton,” July 19). Writes Adam Bray, “Thank you for the interesting article about what is happening in Compton and how the political class there is changing. The challenges of merging the needs of all members of the city family seem enormous.”

AwesomeHousePV is a fan: “Aja Brown is the real deal. I hope our leaders and citizens get behind her to bring a new day to Compton. Go Mayor Brown!

But Vagina News has a dissenting view, writing, “I love that you're featuring Ms. Brown, but I notice you mention her looks in the first paragraph. Did you know that when media mention female politicians' appearance, even in a positive way, it makes voters think less of her? We don't see descriptions of male politicians' suits and admiration of their ruddy complexions in articles about them. It's frivolous and irrelevant. Please stop doing it in articles about women.”

I, Zimmerman

Dennis Romero's thoughtful online-only essay about the Trayvon Martin case drew controversy last week (“I Am George Zimmerman,” July 19).

The problem that society is facing is one of white supremacy, not of white people versus black people,” Thembi argues. “There is a huge difference. White supremacy affects everyone of all races in different ways, and the fact that Zimmerman is Latino/white doesn't change the influence that anti-black beliefs had over his actions or over the views of anyone looking at this case.

Kendrick Williams thought Romero was too hard on Zimmerman. “I was very disappointed in Dennis Romero's article for the way it served only to create more unfair racial allegations and seemed to pander to us African-Americans, trying to 'kiss our butts,' so to speak. Not all African-Americans think George Zimmerman is a bad guy.

Efrainrojas has a different take. He writes, “I'm just like you, Dennis, except that I don't exaggerate perceived racial profiling, like you apparently are happy to do. Doors clicking? Really? Half of Los Angeles is Latino, so who would be the other half of the equation locking their doors in apprehension — little old ladies? Please stop encouraging other Latinos to feel sorry for themselves.”


Our roundup of new restaurants in the San Fernando Valley incorrectly described their location (“Valley Ho,” July 19). They are located in the southern part of the West Valley. We regret the error.


Weekly writers continue to kill it in national journalism contests. Gendy Alimurung recently won first place in Feature Writing from the Association of Alternative Newsmedia, while the staff's YouTube issue (“How to Succeed on YouTube“) won top honors for special sections in the same contest. Mad props to all involved.

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