Community Driven Cult DAO Empowers LA Members Towards Financial Freedom

In a world filled with cryptocurrencies, be a Cult DAO and work on behalf of the people.

When the first people created the first crypto token, we bet they were not thinking about how the future would shape around it. Further, when the first minting took place, we bet they never realized that a future organization would come along and create a decentralized and autonomous structure around it, which would help protestors on the side of justice worldwide. Instead, they just wanted to make some cash. It took the insight and brains behind Cult DAO to recognize the potential for crypto to become the financial backing behind the revolution… yet here we are.

Who is Cult DAO?

Cult DAO does not have an ‘about us’ page: they have a Manifesto. Before anyone starts shouting the ‘C’ word, let us look more closely at this interesting new organization. This group aims to create a cryptocurrency token system that allows its members to support revolutionary acts. We do not mean civil wars; we mean protecting human rights.

Cult DAO support DeFi (decentralized finance) funding sources for its members, some of whom are LA based. Membership means you can donate to worthwhile causes using cryptocurrencies of your choosing. So far, the organization has received international acclaim and even reached the backing of global people’s hacking sensation Anonymous. Cult DAO has raised 13 ETH to help the organization with its efforts in intervening with Russia.

The members of this group are not high-flying businesspeople – they are you and me. They are the work-a-day men and women who want to protect their freedoms. Protecting freedoms is part of the American value system – and that is what Cult DAO is out to watch.

How Cryptocurrencies are Backing Western Protest Groups and Rights Activists

Cult DAO has already proven precedent during the Ottawa Freedom Convoy’s protest. In February, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau forced crowdfunding platform JustGiving to return its donations after blocking the march. Organizations like Cult DAO and aligned hackers for justice Anonymous believe people should have the right to protest. The precedent for Cult DAO came off the back of Trudeau’s actions when financial backers of the protests turned to bitcoin to fund them. You can freeze our accounts – but you will never take our crypto freedom.

The beauty of this move was not forgotten on the global stage. The founding members of Cult DAO were already hard at work producing a decentralized financial system that could help worthy fund revolutionaries. Cult DAO is working for the good of the people… so watch this space.

The Future is Crypto

Like it or not, crypto token-producing firms can use those off-grid funds to back as many supportive initiates as they like. If they want to protest governments and protect the people, we say crack on. The future of protesting in western countries has always been in jeopardy. Figureheads such as Cult DAO and Anonymous are essential organizations for protecting these rights of protest – and human rights – around the globe.

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