The Candidate

Last week's cover story examined mayoral frontrunner Wendy Greuel's ties to the unions representing municipal workers (“The Insider,” by Gene Maddaus). Writes Lopezj12, “This is corruption at its peak. It is ridiculous that the DWP bosses make more than the mayor. It is just criminal to hear of something like that!

Mrfred agrees. “This was a must-read piece, especially for anyone who's paid a DWP bill. Who sez journalism is on the wane? Good job connecting the dots here, Maddaus.”

“Your expose on the campaign of Wendy Greuel and her cozy relationship with overpaid and coddled DWP employees needed to be told,” NJ Antonicello writes. “The hard reality is that there isn't a dime's worth a difference between Garcetti, Greuel or Perry!”

Adds Fred_Ward, “Thanks for warning us about this Greuel. The last thing we need is another mayor that's owned by the DWP union. Our rates out here in the Valley are already high enough. In fact, they're ridiculously high for a utility that's owed by the taxpayers. Now I see why: So we can pick up the inflated salaries of the union bosses.

“I won't be voting for Wendy Greuel or anyone who's owned by these public-employee unions. We've stomped out their propositions in the past and plan on doing it again next month.”

The Lovers' Discourse

Two weeks after its publication, readers were still talking about our inaugural Couples Issue. Moniquitis, for one, loved Gendy Alimurung's story about Elizabeth Menzel and Dale Vaughn (“Tripping the Love Fantastic,” Feb. 8). She writes, “I really liked your story and read it twice to get a sense of some of their magic. Your story helped me to refresh my thinking on love and how to be loving.

And reader EkCha loved Erica Zora Wrightson's story about Julian Bermudez and John Rabe. “This is great — and what awesome black-and-white pics!” she writes. “John and Julian shared about their relationship at a talk I attended last May. Though John is the radio regular, Julian's definitely got storytelling chops of his own. Together, they're a lovely, touching riot.

There were, as always, some critics. Reader IloveYouManfan suggests that Ben Westhoff was a bit distracted by comely actress June Diane Raphael in his piece about her marriage to funnyman husband Paul Scheer (“Gag Reel”): “Odd that you describe several of June's outfits, but none of the characters she's played”

And then there was this, from Rachel V.: “Your Couples Issue profiles, juxtaposed, as usual, with trashy sex ads, reminded me (as if I needed it!) how happy I am to be single in L.A.! And I mean that in the best possible way — I'm glad these needy narcissists have found each other so they aren't cluttering the sad singles scene.” Um, so, our ads are trashy? And we profile needy narcissists? If this is the best possible way, dear Rachel, please don't send us your worst!

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