We Need to Talk About Kevin

What happens to 18-year-olds who “age out” of foster care? For the young man at the center of Catherine Green's Feb. 1 news piece, “Kevin Lives on Our Couch,” well, it could have been much worse but for the kindness of strangers.

Writes Spokentruth884, “God has placed angels like Linda and John Campbell in this young man's life. Although Kevin is the exception to have the generous help offered by the Campbells. I am sure this does not apply to the greater population of foster youth in this age group. There should be a Foster Transition Program specifically for 18- to 26-year-old foster youth.”

Andreihp422 was stunned by one of the revelations in Green's article. “Fewer than 1 percent of former foster kids will graduate from college?” he writes. “This is sick.

Life Goes On

Our film reviews also got readers talking. Marcia Jacobs wrote in response to Michelle Orange's review of The Gatekeepers. She writes, “Your review fails to mention that four of the Shin Bet leaders spoke out in 2003, 10 years ago, and influenced Ariel Sharon to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza, uprooting thousands of Jewish people. We all know how well that has turned out, with rockets being shot from Gaza into southern Israel sometimes on a daily basis. So much for the peace initiative.

“No mention is made in the documentary of the radical political ideology that is inherent in Islam and practiced by a few but tolerated by many. Peace requires two partners, and we have not seen that as yet. The moral dilemma of Israel is heartbreaking, but the alternative is suicide for Israel if they lay down their arms.

Laurie Boxer of Beverly Hills responds to Michael Atkinson's review of 56 Up. She writes, “Mr. Atkinson compares the people in 56 Up to older folks in general when he says, '…at 56 menopausal struggles grind quietly on, and hereafter we can look forward only to autumnal days and death.' I think he needs to print an apology to us people who are past 56! Does he really believe that past a certain point in life, life is boring and pointless?

“Speaking as a newly retired lady, I can assure him that, even though I admit I am past child-bearing age, I do a bit more than 'grind quietly on.' This short-sighted Atkinson character would probably be amazed at all the projects in my life. Life is still exciting and fun for me, except for the times when I encounter people who are prejudiced against me because of my age. Older women seem to deal with the brunt of this attitude more than older men, as if not looking cute and sexy anymore makes us 'useless feeders.' I have a feeling that a lot of us old chicks are a whole lot more interesting than Atkinson's reviews.

You Write, We Read

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