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Readers were horrified by the dastardly scheme Chris Parker revealed in his takedown of the for-profit college industry: Sign up clueless kids, use them to obtain billions of federal bucks in the form of “student loans,” and then leave the kids to pay back the money to the feds (“Barbarians in the Ivory Tower,” Aug. 17).

Emalee Garcia writes, “The things you revealed in that article really pissed me off. I was reading it on my bus ride home and was so angry about the whole situation that I almost missed my stop. The people you highlighted who've been affected by this really got the point across. Good article.”

Mark J. Featherstone agrees, writing, “If I were a college professor, I would give an A+ to Chris Parker for his 'Barbarians' article. I could only shake my head at the ease with which these gluttonous fat cats prey upon those prospective individuals who are eager to educate their minds and to enhance their careers.

Redlocker writes, “I was actually recruited by one of the Art Institute colleges back in my time at Santa Monica College. At the last minute, my parents made me decline. Based on what I've heard and this article, I seem to have dodged a bullet. These for-profit colleges are taking advantage of people who really want to work to change their lives. Education, of all things, has become a minefield that people have to duck and weave through, and that's sad.

Finally, Jane Shaffer of Burbank dislikes our terminology: ” We all act to profit, i.e., to gain from our actions. But we do not all have access to the tools of government to provide that profit. 'Profit' is not the problem. It is colleges' use of taxpayers' money to gain those profits that is the problem.”

Henry Rollins: The Fans!

Our music columnist Henry Rollins continues to earn raves (“German Metal Festival Time,” Aug. 17). Paul McGuire writes, “I have been a loyal reader of the L.A. Weekly since the late '70s and, to me, there has never been a more essential column than that of Mr. Rollins.

Jennie Vasquez writes, “I read the words 'heavy metal festival' and instantly travel back in time to when I was a teenager. I picture myself with my teased hair held in place with a can of extra super hold Aqua Net, my Lip Service pants and a KNAC T-shirt. Obviously times have changed, but I was envious reading of all of these current adventures. How cool would it be to live a life like Henry's, just for one summer? I could go a lifetime without anyone throwing a beer bottle at me, but outside of that, to get to enjoy bands you love and perform in front of enthusiastic crowds would be quite a rush.”


Last week's Eats section praised a Venezuelan restaurant but spelled its name wrong (d'oh!). The correct name is Amazonas. Also, our review of Short Order gave an incorrect location; it's in the Original Farmers Market, not the Grove. We regret the errors.

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